Prayers to Unite with Holy Love

Prayers taught by Heaven to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle at Holy Love, North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA

About Prayer, Fasting and Sacrifice

Jesus, April 30, 2007

My brothers and sisters, tonight I invite you to understand that your smallest effort in prayer, sacrifice or fasting does not remain small but affects the entire cosmos—the whole universe; therefore, do not be discouraged in the least little effort, for I take it and make it great.

Prayer Life

January 27, 2006

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, once again I have come to encourage you in your prayer lives. Every prayer counts—every prayer is heard and opens the door of communication between Heaven and earth. Just as on earth, sometimes doors are open only a crack—it is true with prayers as well. The more love you have in your heart when you pray, the wider the door of communication opens.”

“Tonight I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

January 7, 2006

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to encourage all those who seek holiness. If your spirit is comprised of all the virtues you embrace, please understand that your prayer life is the mortar that holds the bricks of virtue in place. Without mortar, bricks crumble and fall. Without prayers, virtues are replaced with weaknesses and sin. A solid brick wall is impregnable by fire. A brick wall without mortar can be easily toppled, and profaned by Satan’s flames of deceit.”

“When you neglect your everyday prayer life, you leave room for Satan to enter your heart with his suggestions. Then you fall into self-pity, egoism, avarice and more. What’s more, you are not in harmony with God’s Divine Will and, therefore, you do not see this happening. Your spirit becomes synchronized with Satan’s agenda instead of God’s Will which is a life of virtue. It is then you become the adversary’s tool, which he uses to reach others.”

“Understand, then, the impact your prayer life has—not only on yourself—but others, as well. If you do not pray, the motives of your thoughts, words and deeds are easily taken over by self-love.”

“I tell you these things to make you stronger in Holy and Divine Love, and thus to strengthen the Mission.”

To Priests And Lay People

July 14, 2006

St. John Vianney: “I have come to tell each one of you that anything you do without love in your heart is wasted. Priests in particular must pray for love of prayer, sacrifice and penance, for this is the way of conversion for their flock that they have been entrusted with. Do not hesitate to ask me to intercede for you, whether you are a priest or lay person. This is a special grace to love penance, prayer and sacrifice. I will help you with it.”

When You Pray...

1. Begin with the Sign of the Cross


In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady: “Dear Children, I am asking you to remember that the Sign of the Cross is a prayer. It is not just words to be rushed through to get to the real prayers. When said devoutly, from the heart, it is an efficacious prayer in preparation for all prayers to follow.”

2. Hold a Crucifix in your hands

Jesus: “Have a clear understanding of My Passion. When you pray, pray with a crucifix in your hands.”

March 28, 2003

3. Join your prayers to every prayer ever prayed throughout time

Jesus: “When you pray, join your prayers to every prayer that was ever prayed and every prayer that ever will be prayed so that My Father will be greatly honored by every syllable.”

January 25, 2005

4. Unite your prayers to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Jesus: “How often souls depend on your prayers. Unite them to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.”

March 31, 1996

5. Cover your prayers with the Most Precious Blood

Our Lady: “My dear, dear children, when you pray, cover your prayers with the Most Precious Blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus.”

June 19, 2003

6. Pray with a heart full of love for Jesus and Mary

Jesus: “Do not pray out of duty, but pray because you love Me; because you love My Mother, and you desire to please Us. This is the way to make your prayers more powerful.”

March 6, 2006

7. Strengthen prayer with sacrifice

Our Lady: “When sacrifice is added to prayers, it is twice as strong.”

June 8, 1998

St. Thomas Aquinas: “I invite you to contemplate this for a moment. A skillful chef uses only the best ingredients for his dishes. A skillful carpenter chooses the best wood and uses the best tools when he creates a piece of furniture. When a soul prays or sacrifices, he is, in fact, creating a gift to give to Jesus or to Jesus through Mary. Like the skillful artisans in the world, he should choose the best implements and finest materials.”

“In prayer and sacrifice, the ingredient most important—the tool which lends most power and effectiveness—is Holy Love in the heart. Next to this should be Holy Humility, which combined with Holy Love, allows the soul to surrender completely to the Divine Will of the Father. The stronger these two are in the soul during prayer and sacrifice, the more effective the petitions of the heart.”

“In Christ’s Agony in the Garden, you can plainly see these two—love and humility—at work. Once Jesus resolved to accept His suffering, He never looked back. He allowed Himself to be stripped of everything at the Tenth Station out of love and humility.”

“Consider, now, the crosses in your own life, and pray to increase in love and humility. This way, you will surrender more completely to God’s Divine Will, and your prayers and sacrifices will be more worthy.”

March 14, 2006

8. Pray often and from the heart

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, tonight realize that your prayers offered with humility and heartfelt love ransom many souls from the path of perdition and onto the path of righteousness. Persevere, then, in heartfelt prayer, for many souls depend on your efforts. Do not be discouraged in any way, for this is Satan trying to dissuade you from the path of righteousness.”

June 1, 2007

Jesus: “The present moments that are wasted cause My Arm of Justice to weigh heavy. It is only My Mother’s prayers and your prayers, as well, that are holding it back—keeping it from falling. Tonight, I tell you, you must not give up praying. Pray often and from the heart so that we can win this battle—good against evil.”

August 18, 2006

When You Fast...

1. Fast from sin

Our Lady of Grace: “Dear children, I desire much more than your fasts from food that you enjoy. I desire that you fast from any sin. In this way you will make recompense to the sorrowing and grieving Heart of My Beloved Son.”

July 11, 1996

2. Fast from your own will/self-love

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love: “While it is very good and acceptable to fast on bread and water, it is not good to try this if you are ill or if such a fast would threaten your health. The best fast is to fast from your own will. Your will is self-love. I have given you these guidelines. Surrender being in the spotlight, having your own way, doing as you choose when you choose it. Make yourself little.”

October 5, 1997

When You Sacrifice...

1. Lose sight of yourself and focus on Jesus

St. Thomas Aquinas: “Dear child, I have come to help you understand how to make purer sacrifices. Take, for instance, the multitude of buttons down the front of my cassock—quite the challenge for one so portly as your Thomas.”

“When I undertook the fastening of those buttons, I surrendered all thought of cost to me and focused on Jesus. With each button I pictured myself kissing the Wounds of Jesus—wiping His Bloodied Face and consoling His Sorrowful Mother.”

“This is how to give everything to the Lord. Lose sight of yourself and focus on Him.”

May 2, 2005

2. Let every sacrifice be a sacrifice of love

Jesus: “I ask you to let every sacrifice be a sacrifice of love. Do not make sacrifices with much regret but with love, and they will be more worthwhile. They will strengthen you spiritually; then I will grant you what you ask in prayer.”

March 13, 2006

Jesus: “Today I tell you, it is sacrificial love that wins the conversion of souls. When you sacrifice with a loving heart for the good of another, I am able to reach out with strength and power which you have earned for that soul through sacrificial love.”

“Love must be at the heart of all prayer, all good works, all sacrifice; the deeper the love, the more meritorious the action. I desire all people realize this so as to strengthen My army against evil.”

October 11, 2007

St. Therese of the Child Jesus: “Today you have a snowstorm outside. If only one flake fell, it would not amount to much. It is many flakes together that form the great snowdrifts. It is the way with sacrifices, as well. Many little, humble sacrifices amount to much in God’s Eyes. Never allow Satan to convince you otherwise. Each sacrifice is as valuable as the depth of Holy Love in the heart when it is offered. That is what God looks at—not the cost of the sacrifice to the soul.”

December 16, 2007

3. Recipe for a good sacrifice

St. Therese of the Child Jesus: “Write down what I have come to tell you, child. This is the recipe for a good sacrifice.”

“First and foremost, the sacrifice should arise from a heart full of love. Otherwise, what is surrendered to God is given half-heartedly. The sacrifice is only as worthy as the depth of love with which it is offered. To put it another way, if the sacrifice were a delicious morsel of food, it would only be as good as the ingredients used to prepare it.”

“Any sacrifice done impatiently, angrily or with little Holy Love, merits the soul little consolation in this life, reward in the next life, and perhaps even a longer stay in Purgatory.”

“Always serve God and neighbor as a little child whose sole purpose is to please his parents out of love.”

October 1, 2005

4. Offer the greatest and most perfect sacrifice—to live in Holy Love in every present moment

Jesus: “Do not wonder what type of sacrifice to offer Me; for the greatest and most perfect of all sacrifices is to live in Holy Love in every present moment. To do so dictates a total dying to self. This is the sum total of all I ask.”

February 9, 2008

Satan’s Tactics

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you recognize Satan’s tactics so that you will not be under his influence. Satan is in confusion, anger and fear. He is the carrier of lack of peace. He tries to discourage any positive effort by telling you there is no way out of certain situations, that prayer and sacrifice are useless because the petitions in your heart are too awesome for any prayer to be effective.”

“If none of this works and you persevere in prayer, he moves to a higher level. He tells you that which you are praying for is probably not the Divine Will of God; therefore, better to give it up, for if you got what you prayed for it would be disastrous anyway. If you still do not give up, he brings in one distraction after another as you pray, hoping to keep you from prayer altogether.”

“He is untiring in his efforts. He puts people in your life that upset you. Some are his cohorts—others unwittingly his puppets. Each soul must be aware of these insidious tactics of the enemy in order not to succumb to them.”

“You will please make this known.”

March 11, 2004

St. John Vianney: “My brothers and sisters, if you do not recognize the portal that Satan comes through to reach the inner recesses of your heart with his temptations—if you do not recognize the path he draws you upon with his evil inspirations—then you are giving him free reign in your hearts and in your lives. This is especially true of priests who are the most popular targets of evil. You must pray for the wisdom to recognize and to know the enemy; then you will be ready for his next attack, and he will not trip you up.”

August 11, 2006

Ask Your Guardian Angel For Help

Jesus: “I have come to remind you to let Holy Love stand vigil over your heart in every present moment. Ask your Guardian Angel for his help in this regard. Otherwise the enemy will find the same port of entry into your thoughts, your actions and your decisions. You must be cognizant of the way that Satan operates if you intend to oppose him.”

July 28, 2006

Prayers and messages are taken from the books "Triumphant Hearts Prayer Book 2nd Edition" and "United Hearts Book of Prayers and Meditations", which you can download here.