Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, May 9, 2005


Look at your souls. They are valuable for you. Everything can be robbed from you, but not your soul, because it belongs to me. I am your eternal being. Never lose your soul. Come to my heart. My heart is full of longing for you. I consume myself in the eternal love that will never end. Be endlessly carefree because I am with you all the time. Out of boundless mercy I look upon all men. I seek atonement souls, because I want to save all people and if it happens in the last moments.

Read much in the Holy Scriptures so that you may become viable for eternal life. Learns discipline in every situation. Teach all nations and teach them love. The greater the love of God, the greater the love of neighbor. If your Jesus communicates something to you, it will touch you inwardly and let you be left alone. It will never make you restless and aggressive. Aggression is from evil.