Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The fight of Satan rages in the whole world. People have become so bad. They have become sewers. It is incomprehensible how they insult Our divinity every moment. They live themselves out in the same sex and cannot sink any deeper. How much they insult Us. You cannot remotely measure how We, the divinity, are pushed to the side.

Everything is important to people today. They have taken advantage of the achievements of today's technology. I have put My earth at the disposal of all of you to make it your own in joy, united with heaven. What has become of mankind today? They have cut themselves off from Us in order to realize themselves. This has become their principle.

If I did not hold them, I could sweep them away from the earth in an instant and they would become miserable dust. Nothing would be left of them. Why does this humanity not understand that they cannot do a single action without their great God? I love each and every one for whom I gave my life. How much more dirt and fornication do I have to watch?

One small drop of My precious Holy Blood could save all mankind. Come, hurry to Me, beloved ones, I want to have My joy in you.

Let the longing grow in your hearts, because then your love matures. Put yourselves in My suffering of the cross every day to feel this suffering in your body more deeply, because you are to help us to build up and save many people in today's apostasy. Speak openly about faith and do not hide yourselves because it seems unpleasant to you. I want to be loved by everyone and wait for the hearts to open.