Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, September 15, 2005


Germany, your fatherland, needs much atonement so that the many priests, My sons, do not continue to fall into the abyss. Still more will stand against me and thus reject the Godhead.

Only through me the salvation of the world is possible. I may lead people to the Heavenly Father as Queen of the World. Without me, people will get lost, even confused. They will cry out for My Son in the Trinity. But they will not be heard.

The wrath of the Heavenly Father will come upon your earth and a mighty quake will be caused. Signs will appear in the sky in sun, moon and stars. But only my children consecrated to me will be able to interpret them. More tools and chosen ones will be called by My Son. You, too, will be able to free men from the satanic powers through the Divine Power. You are sent at this time to cry out the Word of God into the world. It will resound to the ends of the earth. Do not worry, because it will not be you, it will be given to you, then when the time is fulfilled.