Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, November 5, 2005


Many people are searching. You are mistaken and this hurts My Son very much and Me, His Heavenly Mama and your Heavenly Mama, who suffers so much at this time. The end time of my son, the time of tribulation, the time of trouble, has come. My Son has begun the purification of His Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Many people are to be saved through my Immaculate Heart. I love you, My children, because you want to consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, otherwise you would not have come to this Cenacle. Consecrate yourselves daily to My Immaculate Heart and you will be able to save many souls.

Call Me in this difficult time. Do not despair and do not complain. Do not rebel against the priests, for My Son wants to save them. If you would try to save them with words, it would be in vain. They are obdurate. They no longer listen to the words of My Son. His Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is disgracefully disfigured. The Holy Eucharist is no longer celebrated in due manner to the glory of My Son. Receive My Son kneeling with the mouth. This is the highest honor you can give him. Joy will enter your hearts. This joy will not be comparable with human judgement, for it is Divine joys that will enter. You will be strengthened by this joy in the final battle of Satan, which has begun. Do not be afraid at this time, for in this fear the evil one can enter. Often speak words of love, words of comfort to heaven. You will be heard in every situation.