Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Lady speaks to the pilgrims in the dining room at 12:15 p.m. as a farewell in Medjugorje.


Our Lady says: My beloved children, I, your beloved Mother, want to be allowed to continue to accompany, form and educate you in your home town. Give Me your available hands and open your hearts. I lead you safely to the Heavenly Father.

You will not have to go your ways alone, which are in the plan of the Heavenly Father. Everything will happen through Divine Providence. Take up your crosses, for only in the cross is salvation.

Bear witness courageously. All you have received in this place are gifts from heaven. You live in the presence of God for the future. That is your goal. But the others also want to achieve this goal. That's what you're here for. If you do not open your mouth, the Holy Spirit cannot flow out of you. Reach the people and you will be happy already on earth.

Detach yourselves from the worldly pleasures that will harm you. You will know very soon. The time of possibilities of conversion is very short. The time of silence is now over. Only if you stand courageously in the covenant of loyalty and love to the will of the Father, are you ready to pass it on. You have not chosen me, I have chosen you, says My Son Jesus Christ in the Trinity of God.

I, your Heavenly Mother, will always be with you when you take the straight and rocky path. Only then may I help you. If you turn to the world, you will be turned from your ways.

Persevere in concord, prayer, sacrifice and fasting. Only in this way can you help me to trample the head of the snake. Every day I am with you and beg your guardian angels. Keep away from grave sin, for it separates you from God.

Accept the Holy Sacraments that My Son has given you and obey the will of the Father. Live total surrender, for remember that when you give yourselves as gifts, heaven works within you. Taste the joys of gratitude that strengthen you. Live in community, for alone you will not survive the fight of Satan.

In your hearts will be the flame of love that ignites other hearts. I am waiting for you, My beloved children. Say your ready yes to the Father, for your path is predetermined. As I have spoken My Fiat, repeat after Me, for without your will nothing happens. My son will not break your will. Your will is still full of selfishness. Have time for the others. Pay no attention to your limits, for the Divine Power will be within you.

Your mother has a request for you: Do not say worship at the Holy Sacrificial Masses, because ecumenism is widespread. You contribute to this by giving your consent to this word. Receive only oral communion in all reverence. Do not be influenced, for Satan wants to lead you away from the good ways. Pay attention to my signs, which I give you out of love.

Atone much for the poor priest souls, for there are many of them. They commit one sacrilege after another and fall into the abyss. My little one has seen the abyss and the many renegades. The apostasy is progressing with giant strides. We wait for your readiness and weep tears of blood when you leave us. Will you few also leave us?

Now I bless you in the Trinity of God, all angels and saints your mommy, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. I prepare you, My beloved little ones, for the time of darkness.