Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jesus speaks after St. Trid. Offering Mass in Lourdes in the chapel of San Michel at 15.00 to the participants by Anne.


Jesus now says: My beloved children, don't you think it was providential that you rushed to this place where My Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated in the greatest reverence and where the Holy Archangel Michael is venerated? You can hardly measure the grace you received in this place.

Prepare yourselves, My children, for the coming time. You know neither the day nor the hour, but I want your heart to be lifted up only to me. These powers, which you need for the coming time, you will only receive through Divine Love. And this Divine Love will flow into your hearts. Accept these streams of grace. They are given to you in abundance. Especially in this place, where My Holy Mother is so much venerated, there she takes special care.

Some of you have experienced My Holy Miracle of the Sun yesterday. That was also a gift. Many of you will continue to receive fragrances. They shall strengthen you for the coming time. These scents cannot be compared with earthly scents. You should taste it, so that this strengthening also goes into your heart.

Hang in there, my children. Become braver and trust deeper. Do not be afraid of the hostilities that you too will get. The time of silence is over, as I have already told My little one. The time to bear witness has come, and for this you need much strength and courage. You do not have this from yourselves, but your dearest Jesus will give it to you. Call your Holy Guardian Angels and call My Heavenly Mother who is always waiting for you, who will protect you now and in the coming time.

Very soon I, Jesus Christ, will appear. I will still call many seers before, who announce my words, which lie in my truth. These seers are hostile to My Church. But, my children, do not fear, because this grace, which you then receive, will be great. I will protect you in all situations if you persevere until the last moment. You can be sure of the strengths. These strengths will not come from you. Your power will weaken and you will feel it quite soon, but then Divine Power will flow into you, into your body, especially into your soul. You will feel the gratitude. And this gratitude will bring you heavenly joys.

So, My children, be ready for this fight and fight with St. Michael, who is also present here. I love you, My children. How often have I said: Boundless. This you cannot measure, for it is too great to fathom.

Come quite often to My Holy Sacrifice, to My Holy Sacraments, especially to My Sacrament of Penance. There, too, the graces will flow, not only over you, but beyond.

I want to bless you now with threefold power and strength for the time to come, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be loved, be protected, be blessed and be sent out, My beloved chosen ones. Amen.

Thank you, dearest Jesus.