Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jesus speaks after St. Trid. Mass for the victims in San Michel in Lourdes at 10.30 am to the participants by Anne.


Jesus Christ now says: I speak to you again today, My beloved children, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne.

You lie in My truth, My children. You announce me because you stand by me. I thank you today for your willingness to show me. As you often feel, you are in the greatest fight of the divine powers and the satanic powers.

I, Jesus Christ, will strengthen you again and again, and I will teach you love. Today I would like to announce to you especially my love. How deep and great it is My beloved priestly son has told you today. My Divine love is poured out into your hearts so deeply that you can do nothing but pass on this love. Love is the greatest. It will outlast everything. She will teach you to love your enemies, and that is the greatest love.

My children, do not be sad that you have to experience this struggle. Divine love will strengthen you again and again. Do not develop human fears, for the divinity will become stronger in you. This love, which I also pour out on you today, will strengthen you in the future. You will not succumb to your weaknesses and mistakes. Again and again it gets up and starts all over again. With love you can achieve everything, master everything.

The Holy Archangel Michael will also strengthen you. He was present today at My Holy Mass of Sacrifice, which was again celebrated in all reverence. With you, My beloved children, My mother will crush the head of Satan. You are in this fight and you are also in this victory. My Heavenly Mother will prepare your hearts for the time to come. My time!

I will teach you again and again what My love means. My love is so deep that you will never fathom it, but believe in it. Believe blindly and trust deeper. Hold out. Be in the obedience that I demand of you. This obedience is meant. Not the obedience proclaimed by My sons of priests and by My bishops. Remain in truth, my children. Follow Me in everything. You will feel it, how I strengthen you. You will lack for nothing, because my mother knows what is needed in your hearts. She will give you everything and let my love flow deeper and deeper into you. She is the mother of grace. And from this place of Lourdes, the consecrated and sacred place, above all, where My Mother is so deeply venerated, from this place of grace, she will let her graces descend upon you. And these graces accompany you on your way home.

Always remember that you are in this fight. Sacrifice your difficulties. Nothing will be too heavy for you if Divine Love is in your hearts again and again. Preserve them. Be brave and persevere. Do not ask for it. Do not blame the other person. Be vigilant in everything. Also the evil enemy wants to harass you, but I will then pour out Divine Love and Divine Fragrances on you. You may taste fragrances because they are divine.

I thank you, My beloved children, that you have answered My call today. I thank you and the whole heaven thanks you. Continues to hold out. I love you. Tell us, all heaven, again and again that you love us too. Remains available and on standby.

I bless you now with My Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints, Saint Padre Pio, in the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be ready for the Divine Love and live this love.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, forever and ever. Amen.