Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our Lady speaks in the house chapel of the monastery of St. Mary Magdalene near Baumes/France.


Our Lady appeared during the Eucharistic Exposition as Mother and Queen of the Holy Eucharist.

Our Lady says: My beloved and chosen children, My Son, Jesus Christ, draws you today into the stream of His Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. How much love He pours out on you. In this love you not only feel secure, but it spurs you to holy deeds. Remain in this love, then you can accomplish greater things.

My Jesus, my whole heart is immersed in your heart This heat flows through my whole body. I adore You and praise You, for You are kind and gentle in heart. Let us all feel Your love so that we may advance on our path to holiness. We all want never to grieve Your Sacred Heart, O Jesus. We want to comfort You in Your pain, which is inflicted on You by many who do not believe in Your Holy Presence. Let us not deviate from this path, for You want to draw us into Your great love.

Jesus now continues: My beloved children, thank you for this reverence which you show me. I long for your hearts and your humility. This smallness brings rich fruit. You have entered My paradise garden and My beloved Mother will water your little plants. She is so loving and will lead you all to Me, ultimately to My Father. There you are to be immersed in joy, for this path is stony and you will receive security with the guidance of your mother.

It is very important for you to walk by her hand. This hand will keep everything from you that could harm you. She looks at you, especially when your hearts are full of sorrow. This comfort she gives you is sweet and sweet. You are never alone in these hard battles. Heavenly tests are permitted for your strengthening. Sweet fragrance constantly spreads it on you, so that you may be able to be united in peace in Divine Power. Pray without ceasing, so that the enemy does not press you. The victory of your mother is certain for you.

Do not look at the others who do not want to follow you, but remain in serenity. The silence in your hearts is the crown of victory. Remain with your thoughts and deeds in the Heavenly Spheres. Everything else depresses you.

Be thankful for every moment that I lead you in wise foresight. In gratitude you come closer to heaven because I protect you and bless you in the Trinity, My beloved ones, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful to me and live in trust. Grow deeper into love, because Our love never ends. Amen.

O spirit of holiness, come down upon us.

Jesus says: You chosen ones, who live in the providential grace that My Mother has asked you, be available, for My purification in My Church will become arduous for you. I need you in this time. Unite yourselves in conformity with the will of the Father. Even if you suffer in My Church, willingly accept this atonement.

Pray for My shepherds, those who are anointed by Me, who are in great responsibility. Pray for the poor priests who are still living in the dark darkness. They wait for their liberation through you. They have sunk so low and cannot find their way back to me. They no longer practice adoration of My Blessed Sacrament. My tabernacle is kept closed. How much must I suffer to determine My Church for My upper shepherds who presume to decide for themselves. They succumb to their pride. How I long for their humility, which I have put into their hearts. Their hearts are hardened and My heart and the heart of My mother suffer in deep pain for these beloved sons of priests. How long have I been calling them by their name and in their calling, which once served them as a vow. Have they forgotten everything that was sacred to them? Only a small crowd follows me and this small crowd is minimized because they succumb to my admissions in the exam times.

Follow her, My beloved ones, only My shepherds who proclaim My truth and who have put off the fear of man. They make hard sacrifices to themselves to strengthen their brothers. Yes, they offer Me their life to save these souls. How much I enjoy them.

Beloved chosen ones, I lead you to your limits so that you may grow stronger and for the coming time, My time, I serve as My followers. I protect and guard you because my love will never end. Love one another and be blessed in the Trinity, in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. In love you will master and survive everything. You are under the protective mantle of your beloved mother.