Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

In the morning.

Jesus speaks during the retreat in Wigratzbad from January 2-5, 2007.


The child Jesus says: My beloved little ones, you who believe in My incarnation. Come to me, for in my helplessness I need your comfort. I am with you every day. Believe and trust in My omnipotence in these days, believe in My truths. I am the truth and the life. Only through Me will you attain true life. Only he who remains in Me has life. In communion I come to you to keep fellowship with you.

O my children, if you knew what great love is poured out through me in you, you would always want to remain in this love. But you are sinful men, and in your imperfection you always distance yourselves from the way. I bring you home to My Father and your mother brings you closer to My heart.

Give thanks that I have given this My Mother to you as a gift. With her you will find your way back, because you are consecrated to her heart. Motherly she will be concerned about you. How sweetly her gaze rests on you. You will not be able to resist her. You will want to follow her voice. The sound is like a bell. My father cannot resist her pleas. Turn to them in your worries and needs. How beautiful my mother is. Their beauty surpasses everything. How do I love her, my mother. I do not want to live without them. She is always with me. She is the Mother of My Church and will be concerned for this Church. She is the mother and queen of the priests, their sons. How much she suffers for them in this time on earth. Tears of blood are shed around them and wait for their repentance.

Only in My Church is the full truth. There is no other religion. Even though many priests talk about the global church. These are satanic powers that have moved into this church.

Most urgently I ask you, always receive Me kneeling as oral communion only from My ordained priests. I have chosen you, all of you who are here present. Be in my succession, also then when hostilities threaten you. I strengthen you in your weakness when you have the will to want to follow me.

My mother has the task of forming you in her virtues. She has preceded you in all virtues in perfect purity. Therefore you should turn to them to advance safely in your holiness.

This is My beloved priestly Son who proclaims My truths and is in My Divine Power. It is not from himself that he has them; his power is from me, his Lord and creator.