Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, January 4, 2007

In the morning.

Jesus speaks during the retreat in Wigratzbad from January 2-5, 2007.


Jesus speaks: My beloved children. I am with you here and every day. Be in awe of your neighbor, because in every person I, your beloved Jesus, live and wait for your ready Yes to fulfill My desires and the plan of the Heavenly Father. Do you want to follow My call and the call of My Mother? How long must I wait for My creatures who go astray and are not ready to repent? I love you all, My beloved children, yes, boundlessly. How quickly you respond to your feelings and lose the willingness to love Me and your neighbor. Even when people transgress my commandments, I do not stop loving them.

Look upon My cross in your great distress. Do not reject the crosses that are put on you. These crosses sanctify you and are necessary for your education. Your Jesus knows what you can carry and bear in wise foresight. You see only a small part and suffer this moment. I look into your future and prepare you step by step. Do not be impatient and angry about things you do not understand, either with your reason or with your intellect. Many of you want to fathom my desires, that is not right, because you are to remain in peace. I am in peace and silence, then I speak to you in your hearts or to my messengers to announce my words to men.

I know about your human fears and want to free you from them. Why do you have so little faith in the omnipotence of My Heavenly Father? I am being crucified again these days by the grave offences, for how many murders are committed against unborn children. How much suffering people cause me in homosexuality. How many young people no longer respect the sacrament of marriage and live in a permissive partner community. They have removed Me from their conscience. Can you imagine that a marriage can be lived as a test? One sin then draws the other one after itself. They live in impurity and then often live in addictions, because the conscience must be killed so that they believe they are responding to the lusts that life offers. How much these many young people insult my heart burning with love and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

Pray and make atonement for these grave sins in the world, so that you may give some comfort to your Jesus. Comfort your Savior, My beloved little ones and My chosen ones. Think of your preferential treatment and selection because you are in responsibility for many people, because I must demand much of you, since you are the ones who are given the gifts.

Your Jesus rejoices in you because you are eager to feel My desires and to fulfill them. Receive the many fragrances as treasures. Your Jesus asks you to take the retreat of January 18-21 also in Wigratzbad to experience My love from My chosen Mirco. It is important for you to experience my love again and again, even to be taught it. Sign up today in my place of prayer Wigratzbad.