Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In the morning.

Jesus speaks during the retreat in Wigratzbad from March 26-29, 2007 about His Holy Eucharist through His instrument Anne.


Jesus says: My beloved children, I, Jesus Christ, come very close to you so that you may feel that I am working in you. I say: Will you also leave Me? I am so alone, My children. Stay with Me and help Me to save souls.

Why does My mother cry for this world? Look how sad she is. She needs you to receive your comfort. She is waiting for you to carry your burden of the cross. Do not complain, but become brave and courageous. People are waiting for your safety, because insecurity has entered the church. Why do so many fall off? In the Church, My Church, everyone prays for himself and he does not think of the other. They suffer from this church. No one wants to hear you. All hold their breath when you speak of the joys of heaven. They remain silent and develop a fear of man. What could people think of me? Could I endure mockery and derision? No, I swim with the current there. Therefore, My children, stay near Me. Receive Me in the highest reverence kneeling in oral communion from the ordained hand of a priest.

Bear with it when you are rejected. Do not rejoice, but rejoice for the sake of mockery and persecution. I am in your hearts and I want to be worshipped in them and also in the hearts of others.

A tremendous storm is arising in My Church, a rejection of My omnipotence. Familiar, My children, even when everything is on the ground. Call on Our Holiness. Do you think that I let the church founded by Me go down? I am there and always with you, in you.

You can lose everything, but no one can take this inner wealth from you. The greatest treasure is your heart, in which I dwell and have opened my dwelling place. I am waiting for you to connect with My Sacred Heart.

I am your eternal food, which you shall receive for eternal life in eternity. You are to strive only for this and not for the transitory. Everything is unimportant, for heaven is eternal. Turn your gaze inwards. I am your treasure, your precious pearl. Have longing and desire for the imperishable.

Bear with each other in love. Be united in peace, for only in this peace shall you experience your joys. You who believe are the recipients. The others are searching. These seekers will turn to you very soon.

If you eat My body and drink My blood, you abide in Me and I abide in you. The supreme God, the divinity, is waiting for your approval. Do not turn away from me. Look at me. In this small disc I am completely as God and man.

Let yourselves be drawn into this union, this precious gift, this great mystery. You shall not understand it, but kneel down in wonder and worship. The whole angelic crowd kneels before this holiness when the priest speaks the words of consecration. So highly exalted is every priest that I transform myself in his hands. Look and believe, because in this moment I lean down to you full of longing. There will never be anything more beautiful than to unite you with me.

My beloved ones, I want to teach you My great mystery so that you may be in Me, so that you may enter more deeply into this mystery. Love, My children, grows when you worship Me and it is to become deeper and more intimate. In this love you will survive these end times. Nothing will become too much for you when you are united in me and with me. This connection takes place in every communion. I love you boundlessly, My beloved chosen ones.

My words will not pass away, they remain forever. My words live in you. Eternal life is breathed into you through them. This holy breath is given to you. It is holy breath. I give you my body and my blood so that you shall become one with me. Step into this secret again and again.