Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, March 29, 2007

In the morning.

Jesus speaks during the retreat in Wigratzbad from March 26-29, 2007 about His Holy Eucharist through His instrument Anne.


Jesus says: My beloved children, connect with Me quite often in communion. Receive Me, keep My intimate closeness. I come into the hearts and want to enjoy being with My creatures. Connect My heart with them, I wish this as often as possible for all of you. Also with all priests I wish it. But pride is also in the priests. They are My priests, in whom I am transforming myself. But they are also in the carrying of my cross the first to whom I give my strength. They are the ones I love most especially.

My believers know exactly that it is I who am wholly and completely whom they receive. But it is the priests who obstruct, even forbid, this faith in those who communicate with me. About this your Jesus weeps, because they do not confess me. Without any reverence they proclaim me and distribute me to the faithful. How sad is the entire angelic crowd, because they too are prevented from descending to the altar. They do not tune in to this hosanna. What a great responsibility they evade. This one, your highest Lord and Savior, must elude these priests and My blood does not flow on these altars, these popular altars.

My beloved children, if these priests are leaving me, why should you also swim in this stream? Become single swimmers and escape this evil power. Confess me and throw the fear of man into the deep sea, then the whole heaven rejoices over you. This power is then in full strength within you, and it works convincingly on others. They are forced by you to reflect and their conscience is stimulated. Through your example I will renew the face of the earth. The greater the stream of faith, the greater the stream of grace. Everything is grace, gift.

Every day the exchange of hearts takes place on all altars. Do you recognize My love? In this Divine Love, your dearest Jesus connects with you. The heart becomes the flame of love. The Holy Spirit is streaming into you. What a stream of spirit flows within you. Heaven comes to the earth. What a great mystery is contained in this Most Holy Eucharist. If it would be a confession to all, my love would be passed on. I bless you, My beloved believing children of the Kingdom of God.