Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jesus Christ speaks through his little nothing Anne to the pilgrims in Heroldsbach.


Jesus Christ says: My beloved children and pilgrims, I, your dearest Jesus, speak to you today. I thank you that you have once again rushed to My pilgrimage place in Heroldsbach. I love you all, My beloved and faithful children, My following. You are in My will and in My availability. How many sacrifices you have already made to Me. Through the many difficulties through which you have been led and bravely passed these trials, you have grown in your holiness. I am burning for you to belong to Me and to grow in My Divine Love.

With how much love I nurtured your little plants. If My Heavenly Mother and your dearest Mama were not so concerned about you, your religious life would not have progressed so quickly. How much We rejoice in every difficulty with which you atone for the many apostate priest souls.

Once in My eternal glory you will be allowed to experience these joys that you have made Me with your constancy. I ask you to continue to sacrifice these difficulties in your families, because they will become a blessing for you as you release yourselves from your own feasibility. Your Jesus directs and guides everything into the right direction. Often your own will still stands against it. Confess again and again before the heavenly Father, "Not my will be done, but yours," and he will give you what is in the Father's heavenly plan, and also what is conducive to your holiness.

How much has happened since then at My Holy Place of Prayer Heroldsbach. How much injustice has been done there to my chosen ones. You, my dear ones, pray and sacrifice for these souls, which are still far away from me and do not want to turn back. Keep atoning for them, for I want to save them all.

My beloved sons of priests, whom I had prepared for this pilgrimage place, are mocked and ridiculed in the worst way. My beloved mother weeps for her, because this injustice hurts her very much. She is the queen of the priests and watches over their inner growth. These chosen sons of priests are there to proclaim the truth to their flocks. But they are prevented from doing so.

Even more statues will have to cry in many places, because they don't want to acknowledge my mother. Always remember that I, Jesus Christ, will appear quite soon with My Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Victory. Always be prepared for this warning that will precede the dark days.

Don't make any unnecessary fears for your relatives. I want to save them all, even those who still lie in grave sin and reject me. It is still time for them to accept My permissions and change their lives. It is necessary for them to experience a complete conversion in order to act more consistently in their lives. All injustice in this world must be atoned for.

Contribute to the evangelization of My new purified Church, because your task is still to save souls. Develop a deeper love for My gifts, My sacraments.

Many healings will still happen at the end of My time, above all through My chosen ones. Even if one wants to do much to them, I will protect them again and again. They will not be harmed. These, My chosen ones, will indeed suffer persecution, but in the end they are all consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. She will triumph over the hearts that belong to her. It is her children of Mary whom she faithfully watches over.

Visit again and again the shrines where you receive these special graces, so that you can live My truth more courageously in your communities. It is My desire that My faithful receive oral communion, namely kneeling, and that no laymen serve at the altar. It is My Holy Mass of Sacrifice which I want to have celebrated worthily by My priests who are consecrated to Me and who want to follow Me.

To my beloved Pope Benedict XVI, my beloved Pastor, whom I have chosen and whose feast day you celebrate today, I will give My strength to carry My truths into the Church founded by Me. The admission of this Tridentine Holy Mass of Sacrifice is the beginning of My event. The strength of my chief shepherd will be looked upon because he will have to bear much mockery and slander, which serves the world for salvation.

Trust more deeply in My providences and do not complain about your suffering. Bear it bravely, for heaven will reward you for everything. I bless you with My Heavenly Mother, with all the angels and saints, especially with your beloved Padre Pio, in the Trinity of God, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.