Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Feast of Mary Snow.

Jesus speaks through Anne in the worship chapel in Altötting.


Dearest Jesus, we consecrate ourselves today to Your love flame. Let this flame of love mature in our hearts and grow into a flame that is pleasing to you.

Jesus says during Adoration: My beloved children, how much I am waiting for your love in this My Most Blessed Sacrament. I give you My whole heart so that your heart may be inflamed. In this Divine Love you feel secure, because I am always in you.

Even if you go other ways, My loving heart is always waiting for your counter-love. Can you always feel how great Divine Love can be? Not in the least, My children. But I want to draw you into My Divine Heart. This love will never end. If you consecrate yourselves to My heart, your heart will be united with Mine. Also your sufferings will become one with me.

All approvals are My Addenda. In these fates and in your suffering, Our suffering becomes less. Do you believe, My children, that you can endure your sufferings in patience and love without Me? Become strong in my love because this love is boundless. I always woo for your love. Can you ever explain this to yourselves, My children? How weak you are. In your weakness I love you infinitely. I am with you every day. Always come to my loving heart, then you can grow in humility, in gentleness, kindness and patience.

Remember always, you are My children. Come into this fervent heart and let yourselves be inflamed because also the love of my mother will spur you on and teach you that you grow and mature and strengthen in these virtues, which my mother practiced. Love will never end, because Divine Love is all you need. Live love, for it is the greatest, indeed the greatest gift. Be blessed in the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.