Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jesus speaks to a family through His willing and humble instrument Anne.


Dearest Jesus, You are truly here among us. You show yourself to us because you love us infinitely. Thank you for coming to this family, for pouring out your peace here.

Jesus now says: My beloved family, I, Jesus Christ, have blessed this place where you kneel, and today salvation has come to this house. Thank all of you for the fact that I, Jesus Christ, have come here with you and give you this peace, yes, not only peace, but in your hearts will be gratitude and joy for your future. Your future should not mean the earth, the worldly things, but pay attention to heavenly things, to heavenly signs that are given to you. These will give you joy, for this joy will be different than when you take pleasure in earthly things. Much greater, much more beautiful, much more lovable is everything that does not move the earth.

My children, how long have I waited for this moment to lead you to Me, for your salvation. Serves the sky. Be grateful for every moment you are allowed to experience. This joy that I am giving you today is very great. You will always remember these moments. They are precious. Every day is precious for you now. Enjoy your mutual love. Give yourself love. I will give you Divine Power. Not in your human power can you survive this next time, because you should know that I will come quite soon. Many people have already confirmed it to you.

Many of My messengers will receive these messages that I, Jesus Christ, will appear with My Heavenly Mother in great glory in the firmament. Before this time I will give the soul-gaze to all as grace. In this vision of their own soul, they can recognize what went wrong in their lives, what sin was. They may deeply regret it and will be grateful that they can turn back.

My children, how much I love you. I want to draw you to Me. My Heavenly Mother will now reign in your house. Goes to her often. Go to this caring mother. She is so beautiful, so lovable, that you will always come back to her, because she will take care of you. She is motherly constantly worried about you. Love them, for I have given them to you. Be grateful, because this joy that she will pour into your heart will burn with love, because Divine Love will flow into your heart and that is Divine and will give you strength for the future. Do not think back and do not look back. Live the now. Only the now will make you happy. Think again and again of this time, where I have come here. Pay attention also to signs, which I will give you. Pay attention to the signs in the firmament and also pay attention to scents, scents of heaven, which cannot be compared with the earthly scents. My Heavenly Mother and also Padre Pio will ask for them.

I tell you again, I love you and you too often tell Me that you love Me. Go to My sacraments. Enjoy My sacraments, these gifts. Go to My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. There I really am, there you can worship Me, there you can tell Me all your worries and you will be heard, as it is in the plan of the Heavenly Father. Often your wishes do not coincide with the plan of the Heavenly Father. Then do not rebel, no, then even be thankful that you do not need to go these ways, which you would go according to your wishes.

And now I want to say goodbye, Little children, but first I want to bless you with Divine Power, with Love, with the Love Flame of My Mother, because She is the Love Flame. In her heart is the greatest Divine Flame. Let yourselves be inflamed by their love. I bless you in Divine Power, in Divine Love and in Divine Care, in the Trinity, with My Heavenly Mother, with all angels and saints, also with your Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love one another, then you have life, then joy has come into your hearts. Amen.

Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.