Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, August 13, 2007

Jesus speaks to the pilgrims in the Chapel of the Rosary in Heroldsbach at 24.00 o'clock.


Jesus says: My beloved children and pilgrims of My place of grace, which has been chosen as the Holy Place of My Mother. Hail and blessed are you who have taken upon yourselves so many efforts and sacrifices. The thanks are certain to you in My Eternal Glory. Also today is a special day for you because you have all followed My call. How comforting this is for Our United Hearts. Remain brave and strong in this last stage of My time. You all suffer severely within the purification of My Church founded by Me. How painful it is for you when I once again lay touchstones for you on your way. But without these crosses you will not remain on your holy path.

The Secret Revelation of My Holy Apostle John is now fulfilled. My dearest mother gives birth to the New Church and you, as her children of Mary, suffer during this time. Be grateful that you are allowed to participate in this, my suffering. It becomes a love affliction. Now you stand in the greatest battle of the evil powers. If you want to pass this greatest fight at my place of prayer Heroldsbach, then confess my full truth completely. All crimes that have happened here will come to light.

Do not be surprised about the many atrocities that have taken place here. My dearest mother is still being hurt a lot to this day. I, Jesus Christ, must look into her painful face, which is full of pain and woe. My children, My beloved ones, everything must be expiated. The enemy flock becomes even more numerous than before.

Come again and again to this statue of grace, which has already cried. You have given her great comfort, for you have stood by this miracle of tears despite many hostilities. One would like to remove this statue, because even today miracles are not allowed. My children, one would like to crush you, so great is the wrath of worldly men.

Yes, it is the truth, My Church is divided in this place, but not by your doing. People who make themselves available to evil want to destroy My true church here. Masonic machinations are now coming into play. Begin to fight, My beloved children. I protect you in every situation. You will see through everything, because you have heavenly knowledge. Many things will be twisted. Sacrifice these injustices. They bring rich fruit. In due time words of truth will be given to you. The circle of light will also protect you. Do not have any fears even in this time.

How much I love you in this difficult time. I look upon your tortured hearts and suffer in your hearts. Love will overcome everything, because this Divine Love will flow My Heavenly Mother deeper into your hearts. I know about everything in your hearts. But again and again I wait for your confession of your weaknesses. For remember, in these weaknesses you are strong. Also in your diseases you will become stronger. Even if I lead you to your limits, do not be sad.

Your dearest Jesus Christ, bless you now in threefold power and in Divine Love in the Trinity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. My little one, My obedient and humble instrument, give My truths to all the world and do not be afraid, but trust in the Heavenly Father.