Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, August 20, 2007

Jesus speaks in Wigratzbad/Goeritz in the house church through His instrument Anne.


Anna Henle appeared next to Jesus' cross at the house altar where I am. She bends down to the tabernacle. Now angels appear. Also St. Michael the Archangel. The Blessed Mother is brightly illuminated in a golden and white brilliant light. From the Trinity come red, yellow and white rays, as well as from the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle Cross. Then suddenly the whole altar is bathed in a glistening floodlight. The Jesus statue blesses. The Little King wants to connect his heart with ours. Now Padre Pio has appeared and the Blessed Trinity.

Jesus says in my heart: Do not be afraid, little one, these sacrifices are necessary for you today (great pain). I demand the utmost from you. Put yourself entirely at my disposal, My beloved little one.

Dearest Jesus, do with me what you want to do and also take away my self-will. I love you, beloved Lord and Master.

Now Jesus speaks for all who are present in Aichstetten: I thank My beloved son-priest for celebrating My sacrificial banquet in such reverence. My beloved ones, you who all appeared here and took part in this sacrificial banquet and spared no effort, I thank you with all my heart. This place of Aichstetten is a special place and today, on this day, the birthday of My little Anne, I have connected My atonement soul, Anna Henle, with her heart to feel this suffering more intimately for Me.

My beloved children, today you will be united with My heart, yes, with My burning united heart also of My dearest Mother, so that these graces may flow in abundance on this day of August 20th.

As you all know, there will be the soul show very soon. I have prepared you, My children, in your hearts. I will have to take out all fears so that you can experience this day of my soul-searching in all calmness and peace. You are protected, My children, because all angels will be around you. But I am always sad about my sons of priests, who now, especially in this time, do not want to obey me. They do not practice obedience. For this reason, look to My beloved soul of atonement, Anna Henle, who has always acted in obedience to Me.

This is a special day for you I have given it to you today. Accept this gift to strengthen yourselves for the time to come. Your dearest Jesus is always with you. I would like to thank you for all your efforts, for your mockery and hostility, which you took upon yourselves without complaining.

My children, always remember to receive Me in all reverence only in oral communion kneeling. This is necessary. Look at My Most Holy Mass of Sacrifice, the Tridentine Holy Mass, which My Supreme Shepherd cried out into the world at My desire. Yeah, it's the truth. Only this Holy Mass, this Mass of My sacrifice, will be celebrated in My Holy purified Church. By this modernism I am no longer met with awe.

I beg all of you, My beloved ones, pay attention to the words of My earthly Holy Father on earth who proclaims these My truths, who stands in My love and in My obedience. Ask your priests, your shepherds, in your communities to celebrate only this Holy Mass. I am waiting for your readiness. I await your sacrifices, for you can look forward to this time without fear.

I love you so much because you have endured and are ready to go this last difficult stage, this stony road. You all know that this way will not be easy for you, but still I ask you, do not let up in the perseverance of your way, even if much seems unfathomable to you. They will want to put many stones in your path, but your angels will accompany and protect you and will keep evil away if you ask them in the name of My dearest Mother. She is always caring for your salvation.

Through Mary to Jesus, says your Heavenly Mother. Through her you come to me. She is the gate. She has taken the key of her heart in her hand and with this key you can unlock the heart, My Sacred Heart. Open your hearts very wide for Divine Love. You will always be allowed to experience security, and the others who do not believe will be able to read off your calmness and peace, since it is not from you. Hostility will no longer disturb you because this love will let my mother flow deeper into your hearts. She loves you idolatrously, yes, like the star of her eyes. Love one another, My children, love one another and do not let up in unity. Only united can you enter the heart of the Trinity.

And now, My beloved ones, I want to bless you, protect you, love you, send you out, in Divine Love, in gentleness, in goodness, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Thank you, my little one, for this readiness for your birthday. You were intimately united with Me on this day today. Your heart was all mine. You have felt this depth and I have given you this depth.

Thank you, dearest Jesus, for all your love today on this day. I would also like to thank you for the sacrifices I was allowed to make for you and would like to unite myself with this soul of atonement Anna Henle, who suffered so much for you and who has not ceased in sacrifice and prayer. Thanks for the groups you have formed here in Wigratzbad. I ask You to be always with them in this time, in which, as You said, the soul-show will soon be. Thank you, dearest Jesus, for your words, for your truths, for your boundless love. Amen. Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.

Jesus moved at the altar and now blesses each one of you and also the Blessed Mother blesses.