Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jesus speaks to a family through His instrument Anne.


Dearest Jesus, I ask you with all my heart to speak these words that you wanted to say today to your extended family.

At the moment a crowd of angels has appeared, above it the Blessed Trinity, on the left side the Blessed Mother who collects the blood of Jesus Christ, on the right side St. Michael the Archangel. Our guardian angel asked the Blessed Mother to step behind us to give us this protection for the future.

Jesus speaks to us as a just and merciful Jesus. The rays of His grace in this large picture are flooded with dark red, on the right side white and yellow. In his left hand he holds the scepter, in his right hand the globe.

Jesus Christ now says: I, Jesus Christ, want to speak to you today through My willing, humble and obedient instrument Anne. My beloved extended family, yes, I want to say extended family because you have appeared here in such large numbers with your open hearts. Yes, I enter with My love. This love will grow in your hearts because My dearest Mother will always ask it for you. Especially in your difficulties, she will support you and again and again give you your angels as escort. Ask them down yourselves as well.

Adore Me in My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. In this time, My imminent coming, it is necessary that in many houses and in this chapel, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and people in times of need are received into these house churches.

My beloved family, today I prepare you for My coming time. As you have learned from my objections, this time is fulfilled. Not far away is the time when people will go to ruin. Many people will not want to turn back. Repent and pray for them. Especially I want to say in your holy place here in this chapel, pray for My apostate priests. yes, many are not ready to celebrate My Holy Sacrifice as My Supreme Shepherd on earth has told you priests, in all holiness in the Latin Tridentine Rite, yes, they are not ready to obey My earthly Holy Father on earth This your chief shepherd asks you for your help, for your prayer. He gets the greatest hostility.

My children, he has been put in fetters. Can you imagine what it means for Me, your dearest Jesus in the Trinity, to be bound in Him? He sacrificed everything. My words he hears in his heart. He knows about everything, how it looks like in My Church that My bishops and My priests do not want to listen to My words and do not want to follow My truths. How sad it is for me, but how thankful I am that you are here, that you experience my truths and believe in my truths and follow them. Thank you for answering this call.

You have experienced much in the last time through My promises of My little ones, which have already been sent out into all the world. It is all My truth. My messengers, whom I send, proclaim my truths and are a little nothing. Yes, they live in humility and have given up everything worldly. That is why I work entirely in them and can spread my truths in the world through them.

My children, you too are atoning for My priests. These many sacrileges, which are committed daily on My Holy Sacrificial Altars, must be atoned for. I will soon smash all these folk altars. Believe in these truths because I, Jesus Christ, purify My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Everything is My truth.

My Heavenly Mother weeps tears of blood in many places because she she sheds her blood for these sons of priests. Look at their heart, look at their suffering and comfort them and also me, because you are there for my comfort. I thank you for being willing to go all the way in My succession. Yeah, it's gonna be hard for you. I will have to charge you with many sufferings so that you help me to save these souls. Do not be sad, for you may be grateful for these sufferings. These are love sufferings and you may participate in my redeemer suffering.

In Divine Love you are all united. You will experience the greatest joys here on earth. But at the moment you are suffering this suffering in the Church, in My modernist Holy Mass, as it is celebrated so far at these popular altars. Pray that everything will change soon.

Pray much for this My Holy Father, My Vicar. It is the anvil that you keep hitting. But patiently he will persevere because he is protected by me and will also be strengthened with all angels. He's hanging in there. Look again and again at him, at his strength, then you too can hold out, then you are ready to be available for heaven.

And now I want to bless, love, protect and also send you for the coming time, for this my time. I love you and bless you with My Heavenly Mother, all the angels and saints and also with your beloved Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, because love is the greatest thing and outlasts everything. Amen.