Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jesus speaks to a married couple after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through his instrument Anne.


Jesus Christ appeared in a red royal robe, the Mother of God in a snow-white dress and white mantle. Both with the triple crown on the head, the Mother of God with diamonds in the crown, with red and light blue stones. The Mother of God holds the scepter in her hand and Jesus Christ holds the globe. The Holy Archangel Michael has appeared and the Holy Guardian Angels have come behind us. Our Lady has placed these guardian angels at our side. Padre Pio and also Father Kentenich are present. Jesus Christ will speak.

Jesus Christ speaks now: I, Jesus Christ, speak now and today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne, who is in My truth, in My full truth. She speaks only words that come from Me, Jesus Christ.

My beloved couple, today, on this day, take your leave of this house. I wanted to bless and sanctify this house once again. I want to send here My angels so that in the future this holiness may be preserved in this house. You have followed My call. Especially you, My son, have fulfilled My full will. Even though it was often difficult for you, you have always explored my words. I thank you for your willingness and availability. Often you have grown beyond your limits.

I, Jesus Christ, have always protected you and given you divine power. Yes, this suffering, this pain that you still have to bear at the moment, is part of the atonement. One part is that you carry this pain especially for the burden of sin of your son Stefan. He has fallen into great debt, but you, as a father, atone for him. One day he will be able to repent through your persistent prayer and perseverance.

In the future I wish that you, beloved couple, live your marriage now. That you practice your togetherness and in love, in Divine Love, always turn towards each other. I love you. I am always in you and want you to open your hearts more and more for Divine Love. The more you explore my steps and fulfill my plan, the deeper you will grow in love also with each other. Accept with gratitude these difficulties that are still to come. I have given you many things and I want to tell you, My beloved Son, that you have received many talents but will endure much in Divine Love. In the great responsibility towards your children, you have borne everything so far.

Now you have given it to me and for that I thank you. You have handed them over to Me and to your dearest Heavenly Mother, who now takes care of them. This responsibility no longer lies within you. Separate yourself also in your heart from these feelings of guilt that are still within you, in your deepest subconscious. The more you move away from it, the more your pain will decrease.

Love Me in oversized love and also from the inner joy. Through your talents, which I have given you, you convey joy to others. This radiation will pass on to others, because you will be freed from all evil powers that have been in this dwelling until now. They are drawn out through this exorcism and through this sacred sacrificial mass. It was celebrated in all reverence and in all readiness for sacrifice. All the angels were present and this gratitude also flows over to other people who will come to this house in the future.

And now I want to bless you all and I want to send you out for the future that you may cooperate with one another in My purification of the Church, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This is a great blessing. Much grace has flowed today, not only in this house, but far beyond into this place. It blesses you in all love, gratitude and joy the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praise and glory be to the Blessed Sacrament of Old Age from now until eternity. Amen.