Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, August 31, 2007

Jesus talks about the destruction of His church and world by His little nothing Anne.


Jesus speaks now: My beloved ones, today, Friday, I, Jesus Christ, speak through My little instrument Anne, My willing, obedient and humble little one. She does not speak her words, but proclaims My words, My truths, which are spread to the ends of the earth. I, Jesus Christ wants it so, since My little nothing has ceded her will to Me, the Most High Lord and Savior.

I am very grateful to you, My little one, that you always put yourself at My disposal, your Jesus. I know, My little one, that I demand much from you and I lead you beyond the borders. I am with you, my little one, do not tarry. I know that you are suffering a lot from your pain right now. This demands a lot of strength from you, which you must always summon up. Sometimes you doubt my omnipotence because I test you beyond measure in your steadfastness. It is I, your Jesus, who am with you and carries your sufferings with you. Be obedient to your dearest Jesus and remain in humility.

Am I not your dearest bridegroom who can allow temptation? Do you trust me completely? May I guide you in My will? Do you want to continue being My little nothing? I love you, my little one, yes boundlessly. Remain in Me and console your Saviour, who must suffer so much pain in this time, since My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which I Myself founded, is being destroyed by Masonic powers. Not for long, My children, who are in My full succession, I will appear in the firmament with My dearest Mother, the Mother of the Church.

How many chances do I give mankind again and again, so that it may reflect. But the majority of men are in grave guilt and are not willing to turn back, although I have set many signs in the last time. Have you recognized the signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars? I rejoice when you observe the signs in the firmament. Keep watching these beautiful light shows. This colorfulness is for you, and no one can explain to the human mind how this can happen. The many researchers in astronomy and meteorology would like to be able to explain this. It is not possible for anyone.

I have given you humans this beautiful earth and have said that you can subdue this earth. How do you deal with My beautiful nature today? Do you still have reverence for my creation in the entire universe? You cannot fathom anything because your Highest Lord and Master has created this earth and I will create it anew for you because you have wilfully destroyed so many things. Who is the creator of all things? Have you no God anymore? How far have you strayed that you think you can live without your Lord and Creator?

You young people, where are you? Do you not want to turn back? This living together of couples before the sacrament of marriage is an abomination to me. Can you not understand that I cannot approve of this in any way? Why do you only think about sexual pleasure? Is marriage worth nothing to you? Can you not wait until you are lovingly devoted to each other and have received this Holy Sacrament from Me? Why do you live so unchaste? I have given you a pure body and you are disfiguring it and forgetting your dearest Jesus who wants to give you everything, especially the purity that My dearest Mother so highly esteems. Turn back, My children, it is still time.

When you experience the vision of souls, some of you will be so frightened that they will die on the spot, especially those who know My truth and should be concerned about the Catholic. Where do you get your wisdom from, you have become the brood of snakes. If not so many would atone for your grave crimes, you would all fall into the abyss. You live into the day without a thought of your Highest God? Where are your thoughts? Do you deal only with evil? He lies in wait for you and will plunge you into ruin if you are not finally ready to repent. It is due to your free will, which I have given to mankind as the greatest gift. How much do you abuse this will?

My Heavenly Father is soon emptying the cup of wrath that your Heavenly Mother still wants to hold. She is so grieved for your young and great multitude. How often she asks that she may cry in places and statues determined by Me. How much she is saddened. Comfort them and believe in these miracles of tears. When my dearest mother can no longer cry, then it is for mankind. Woe to this unbelieving people!

My beloved children, now you have returned to your home town Göttingen and may enjoy your home, even if only for a short time. I know, My little one, that it is always difficult for you to travel, to the places where I lead you. Accept all the sacrifices I demand of you. You thereby save many, my sons of priests, who need repentance. Hang on, just a little while longer, then my time is fulfilled!

I love you all inexpressibly. Live the love and remain in this love and do not divide yourselves, for Divine Love is the greatest. You deserve heaven for many people and save especially the many bishops and priests who belong to Freemasonry and are not in My truth.

Accept again the sacrifices and pass the temptations that I, your Savior, will allow. You shall strengthen. I know about your many weaknesses. Come to Our united and burning hearts and be comforted. Unite with each other and do not succumb to these weaknesses. I am with you every day and all guardian angels are waiting for your requests that they may be there for you. You call them too little. I can send down legions of angels to escort you, if you ask for it. How little do you think about this protection?

My beloved ones, today I have given you some dates. On Sunday you will go to the Pius-Brotherhood in Fulda and I look forward to your readiness. On Sunday, September 30, you will again go to My place of prayer in Wigratzbad at My request, and on October 6, you will go to Rheinau in Switzerland to join the Marian Priests' Movement of My Founder Don Gobbi. Look forward to this day.

On Tuesday, October 16 to 19 inclusive, take part in the retreat in Wigratzbad with my priest son Erich Maria Fink. It is My wish. Accept it, even if it is difficult for you, because of the many difficulties that will arise for you, because you will be challenged a lot. Trust Me, your beloved Jesus, who guides you. You cannot hold out with your weak, human powers. It is my power that is given to you. Enjoy the many fragrances that you will be given as a confirmation. They will strengthen you.

Take part also in the retreat with My beloved son Thomas Paul from November 26th to 29th. Also take these strains upon yourself. I am with you and you will not succumb to these difficulties that inevitably come your way. I will speak through you again, My little one. Pay close attention to My words.

This week you have been tempted by evil. One does not believe in my truths, since one wants to fathom everything with the intellect. But where is the warmth of the heart? Where is the humility and obedience to the dearest Savior? One doubts my words, which I make known through you, my little one. What kind of faith is that? He stands on weak feet. I am omnipotence and through my willing messengers I can announce everything where, how, and when I want. One should not rise above my truths. I remain the inscrutable God.

And now My children, remain willing and persevere in all humility. Do not be afraid, the Holy Spirit will give you everything, and you will shame men who cannot believe. How many people, My little one, have I given gifts through My words which I have made known through you. They have walked My ways without circumvention, they have felt that it is I who wants to be at their side in a helpful way. With how many joys have these people enjoyed my truths, and they have not searched for the why. Do not be unbelievers, but believe, for wisdom will teach you all things. In due time, words will come out of your mouth that you cannot understand. Do not let evil unsettle you. I'm not leaving you.

Come to the loving and caring Heart of My Mother and consecrate yourselves to this Immaculate Heart, then you will be safe from all dangers that lurk upon you. Now I want to bless you in the Trinity, with My and your dearest heavenly Mama, all the angels and saints, especially with your dearest Padre Pio, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. You will be loved without limit. Tell us also that you love us. It comforts Our hearts. Live love and be one with each other. I am with you all the days of your life. Eternal glory is waiting for you, which no one can dispute with you.