Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, September 7, 2007

Heart Jesus Friday.

Jesus speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house church in Göttingen through his little nothing Anne.


The cross is brightly lit at this moment. The body is gold and golden rays emanate from His head, feet and hands on the cross. A little blood comes out of the side wound. Now the Mother of God appears under the cross and collects the blood in a chalice. Above the cross of Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a white dove and the Heavenly Father appeared in the Father Triangle. The angels in white kneeling right and left adoring. Behind them are the archangels in gold. The Mother of God is wrapped in a pink coat with a veil of the same color. Golden rays also emanate from it. Neither of them wears a crown. Now Padre Pio has appeared on my left and Padre Kentenich on my right. The altar is white and gold. Underneath I see now the monstrance with red stones. The host is gold and behind it is a white light that shines through the host. These rays now pass over to us.

Jesus Christ now says: My beloved and chosen children, My beloved priest's son Today, on this day of My feast, because it is the feast of My Sacred Heart, I want to speak to you, since many priests no longer keep this day holy, yes, they do not even observe it. That is why I speak today, because this speaking up is to go out into the world, into the Internet.

Many priests no longer venerate My Blessed Sacrament. Yes, they do not even come to Me anymore. They also know no exposition and do not know that one worships Me, that one praises and extols Me in an hour of worship. They no longer believe in it. They no longer believe that I am truly among you, My dearest children. Can you grasp that I am forgotten, that I am no longer included in life? Therefore worship me on this most holy day.

Tomorrow you will celebrate the feast of My mother. On this day my mother will speak because this day is no longer honored today. It should also be known that these cenacle are spread all over the world. Many priests do not hold a Cenacle because they do not believe in the promises of My Founder Don Gobbi.

How much I would like to be adored by everyone. How ready is My heart to connect with your heart on this day. How much I long for you. Come to my heart. I will press you to Me and will impart many heavenly graces to you. On this day, these graces are strengthened.

My Mother, who receives My Blood, is also waiting for you and is waiting for your sacred hearts that she may and can lead you to Me, since people no longer believe that My Mother, the Mother of the Church, caring for all, is ready to open her heart and lead you to Me, Jesus Christ, to My Heart. Only through her, through my mother, you come to me. There you will find peace and security. If one forgets My mother, one forgets Me also. I am of their flesh and blood. How could one then forget that she is my mother and always with me. In spite of everything, people do not believe in it, but it will crush the head of the serpent, and it will achieve the greatest victory and triumph. But you, my children, will be able to accept your suffering when you turn to her Immaculate Heart and consecrate yourselves to her.

How much she waits for her children. How much she loves all her Marian children. Remember that My Mother wants to be in your hearts again and again to draw many people to Her through you. Time is short and time is hurrying. As you know, everyone will soon experience the soul show. I am mocked in the highest form that My mother cannot bear that this mockery comes upon Me, Jesus Christ, her Son. How much blasphemy do these wicked men utter about me. How much it hurts My Divine Heart. My children, console Me and console Us in this unspeakable pain. I love you and I will always be with you in this time where the evil one walks around and where you get many hostilities that you cannot explain to yourselves. Also today, on this day, were great hostilities, since tomorrow is the feast of the birth of my dearest mother. Therefore do not wonder at things you cannot explain, but accept them bravely.

Also this suffering, My little one, which you cannot explain to yourself, will remain the first time. Become stronger and braver in these pains and accept them from My hand. Offer them up for the priests, for you have this mission for the priests. Through you many will be saved. Remember this in your pain and do not let up in sacrifice. And now I want to bless you with all the angels and saints, especially with My dearest Mother and Queen of the Eucharist, with Father Kentenich and Padre Pio. In threefold power, the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you. Amen. Remain courageous and brave and persevere in this time. Amen.