Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feast of the Name of Mary.

Jesus speaks through His little tool Anne in the atonement night in Heroldsbach at about 24.00 o'clock.


Jesus now speaks: My beloved children, My beloved pilgrims, today, on the feast of the name of My beloved Mother and your Mother, I, Jesus Christ, speak through My obedient, humble, and willing nothing. She speaks only My truths. Nothing is out of her.

My beloved ones, the whole heaven would like to thank you that you have hurried again to this important place of prayer Heroldsbach to atone for many priests who would otherwise fall into the deep abyss. Through your constant and persistent prayer and the great sacrifices I will be able to save many who are ready to repent.

I see your open hearts into which I let My Divine Love flow. You have taken on a great responsibility for many people. Deeper and deeper I will touch your hearts. You also feel an intimate love for my mother. How hard she tries to light your hearts as flames of love. People are waiting for your willingness to pass on this love. With great hope and confidence these people read My well-meant truths from your lips, My little one.

They have been without shepherds for a very long time and seek refuge with you. Do not ward it off them because they seek security and words of love, which they receive from you, my little one. They sense My Divine love and suck in My truths. More and more they come to the realization that this modernism, as it is held in the individual parishes, harms their soul. Many wander off and have become homeless. They flee into your loving hearts. Only he who acknowledges my messengers does not succumb to modernism.

My bishops are still not ready to obey My Supreme Shepherd. You want to change this Moto Proprio. They let themselves be led by the evil spirit and want to keep their position of power. How difficult it is for them to take the humble path. They have become proud and succumb to the serious sins. Their hearts harden more and more. The Masonic powers have come to the Vatican to overthrow My representative on earth. I, Jesus Christ, am watching over him and no one will be able to harm him, even if one is seeking his life. Through my circle of light the protection remains.

Pray and atone, My beloved children, for these grave crimes. My justice will come soon. People will rush to the places of refuge, because they will not find a home in these modernist churches. A great persecution of Christians has occurred there. My beloved ones, bear your sufferings in patience and accept each other in love. May one strengthen the other during this time.

The power of evil is very strong in this place of prayer. Pray and atone for My priestly son of My place of prayer, so that no greater harm may be done. My Holy Sacrifice in the Tridentine rite, which is already widely dispersed, forms the counter-power of the gifts of grace. You will experience miracle upon miracle through My sanctified priests at My sacrificial altars. I support these sons of priests, because they have to suffer much injustice. They will be dragged to court. But they will endure their suffering courageously and strongly.

My little group, do not become discouraged and desperate about this church crisis. Am I not your creator and redeemer? Your Savior suffers most in His Church. You are in the purification, and victory is certain for you. Do not pay attention to your complaints. The Heavenly Mother asks for everything you need. All unnecessary burdens put down and bravely walk this path. Do not look back, for only forward goes your way. Feel the Divine Will in silence. Seek this solitude to gather new strength. Do not complain about your children who choose the more comfortable way and are not willing to make any sacrifices.

I love you boundlessly, My little flock and look upon you with favor. Live the love and be each other's support, which you know to be carried. I bless you in threefold power with My dearest Mother, all angels and saints, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. You are safe and protected in Our united hearts. Never let go of Divine Love.