Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home of Saint Padre Pio and Feast of the Virgin of the Holy Eucharist in Manduria/Italy.

Padre Pio speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house church in Götttingen.


Padre Pio was present during the whole Holy Mass, and there is a special reason for this. The Virgin of the Holy Eucharist, which has its place of origin in Manduria, has also appeared. Also a large group of angels and the three archangels were present during the Holy Mass. At the moment only Padre Pio is present.

Padre Pio now says: My beloved children, today, on this special day, the anniversary of my death, I want to speak to you personally. Yes, I have a great desire, and I want to spread it into the world.

I, Padre Pio, had a great task on earth, and I continue this task from heaven. I want to announce to you that you can call me again and again, my beloved children, as an intercessor.

You, my beloved priest son, have taken over my task today, this day. As you know, you got a lot from me, not only in terms of tasks, but otherwise as well. You know it all by yourself.

This ban on confession that you have received, I will watch over it. I, Padre Pio, will see to it that you have a private audience with the Holy Father. Even if it seems impossible to you, you will get them. Even if the evidence yesterday clearly spoke against it, I will make sure that you get this appointment. You shall see that I can make the impossible possible from heaven, through Jesus Christ's help, through His Word and through His Divine Power. This Divine Power will emanate over you and be in your heart.

Your human strength will soon diminish more and more. Remember, when your sicknesses and troubles come, they are admitted from heaven, and take these troubles upon you, accept them from God's hand. All angels will support you and protect you from your foot bumping against a stone, because in this place of prayer Heroldsbach, there will be a great satanic power. But this satanic power will not be effective because Jesus Christ will prevent it.

You, my little one, are protected especially in October. The circle of light will be around you, and the evil powers will not be able to harm you. This should be made known to the world, also that the criminal investigation department will pursue you. Don't develop human fears, my little one, because you know that your dear Padre Pio also protects you. Not only is Father Kentenich your spiritual guide from heaven, but I am allowed to be it.

Also today, on this special day, the festival at my place of prayer is Manduria. There I am present. I am allowed to be there, because the Virgin of the Holy Eucharist is venerated there. How many blessings will flow today, on this day, also upon you, my children. Let the love grow in your hearts. I, your beloved Padre Pio, whom you call on daily, am always with you. Do not forget it, especially in these difficulties of confessional prohibition. And now I will bless you with all the power of God, with triple power, with all the angels and saints, with your dearest Mother, with the Virgin of the Holy Eucharist, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay brave and courageous and become strong, because I love you and I am always present. Amen.

Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.