Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Heart of Mary atonement Saturday.

Jesus Christ dictates into the computer His tool Anne for publication on the Internet.


Lord Jesus Christ, You have made it known to me that You want to put some words on the Internet so that Your truths can be spread.

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the truth and the life. I believe in you, I hope in you and I adore you. Never will I leave your side. I am ready to spread everything you want and how you want it, even if I do not understand it and cannot fathom it.

Dearest Jesus, let me grow stronger, even in hostility, in persecution and in perseverance until Your coming. You told me that you will come soon to give people a chance to want to and be able to turn back. I love you with all my heart in my imperfection. Hold me tight and never let me leave you.

I testify today that it is true that You have called me to receive and transmit Your truths. I know that I will never be worthy of this great grace, but when You are active in me, my own ego gives way and I am allowed to see You and receive Your messages, in order to communicate Your instructions and Your Divine joys to the people who believe in You.

Jesus now speaks: At this moment I, Jesus Christ, speak through My willing, obedient and humble child and instrument Anne. She lies in my truth and speaks only words that come from me. Nothing is from her. I introduce her into My truths to be of help to mankind, which is entangled in great guilt.

My beloved children, look into My writings of the Bible to see if I have once proclaimed untruth through My willing instrument. I, the highest God, am accused that mine, those chosen by me, are partly led by evil. How can I, Jesus Christ, speak through My humble instrument when at the same time the evil one takes possession of them. Yes, the wicked man is not only proud, but also announces the lie.

My beloved ones, already with the mind you can grasp it, that it is slander, mockery and hostility to doubt My truths. My beloved children, you who follow Me, you always receive the knowledge anew to distinguish between good and evil. Believe in the truths and become steadfast when you are unjustly attacked. Accept this as sacrifice and testify to my truths. I stand with a great company of angels at your side, and you shall not fall. In prayer and sacrifice you will be carried by like-minded people. You are a small flock, but you cannot be surpassed in firmness of faith.

If you knew how much I love you, especially when you are in the trials. Pay no attention to your setbacks. They are permitted, so that you may grow stronger in faith, in Divine Love, and that you remain in a certain serenity.

Well, my little one, I have laid great sacrifices upon you. You had to leave My beloved Wigratzbad at My request. Your dental problems are allowed, even if you have been enduring these difficulties and pain for a long time. You will spend a long time in Göttingen. Only then, when the circumstances there allow it, will you again linger at my place of prayer Wigratzbad. And you, My beloved son of priest, will celebrate there My Holy Sacrificial Mass in all reverence.

I can change My plans, because I want to strengthen you, little Anne, in the trials I have imposed. Will you also follow your Savior and Redeemer completely? Will you continue to proclaim My truths and instructions to mankind, to the whole world? Will you trust Me or will you swim with the broad stream?

My little one, I, your Jesus, am in you. I never leave you, even in the greatest difficulties. Remain My little obedient child that all heaven loves. You will be hostile by many people, especially by the authorities. Remember, my little one, I, the Most High God and Savior, am persecuted and I am crucified again. How much I suffer in these bishops and priests.

Will you comfort me a little? You know how much your dearest Heavenly Mother suffers. In how many places she cries tears, even blood tears. Dry them by offering sacrifices of love and your prayer to her. Also learn to forgive. Do not bear evil against the other, but learn from me, for I am kind and humble of heart.

And now to My beloved priestly son, who follows Me in all that I have commanded him. How much I love him and strengthen him daily in his sermons in My Holy Sacrificial Mass in Wigratzbad. How many graces He has poured out on these many faithful who come from far away to attend My Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass.

Believe Me, My beloved children, My Divine Heart was severely offended because this unjustified prohibition to administer My Holy Sacrament of Penance was not withdrawn by the Supreme Authority in Rome.

How many people in grave distress of conscience would receive My absolution through this, My beloved priestly son. Yes, about 12 hours in the monthly atonement night in Heroldsbach, at My place of prayer, this priest administered the sacrament of penance, and salvation was granted to these people.

I, Jesus Christ, work through My priestly son. This prohibition was pronounced to My priestly son chosen by Me. But every man is fallible, even the authorities. I, Jesus Christ, want to forgive everyone, because they are in great need of conscience.

I want to make known to you once again, represent the truth that you have vowed to Me in your ordination. If the authorities force you to spread a lie, you cannot obey them, but must listen to your conscience, otherwise you cannot live a life pleasing to God. I am the good shepherd and I lead my sheep on green pastures and will not allow them to fall for the sake of my truth.

As you know, My children, all untruths come to light. Be patient. I will direct and guide everything and you are safe in me. Hang in there, My beloved ones. I am with you every day. Receive daily the Heavenly Bread and participate in My Holy Sacrificial Mass. Do not confuse My Sacrificial Feast with the meal fellowship of modernism. How quickly you will be swept along with the general stream of unbelief.

My Saint Tridentine Sacrificial Mass is not out of order. It will lead you to truth and you will be under my spell. You will stand in wonder before My Holy Mystery, because mysticism is missing in the Catholic Church today. Yes, one even rejects them. Be vigilant My children and do not let yourselves be confused. Worship is held in the Protestant community of faith. Because this word has also penetrated My Catholic Church, the doors have been opened wide for today's false ecumenism.

You have recognized it, My beloved children, you who walk My way of following Christ. To you I give knowledge again, since you are to be introduced deeper into these truths. Believe and trust, and do not be dissuaded by those who want to bring confusion into My messages.

My little one is led by me and has been prepared for this important task for many years. It is subject to trials, but will not fall away, because through it I will carry out the cleansing of my Catholic Church. For this reason I will be persecuted again in my little one and my truths will be twisted. Be now guided, blessed and loved in Divine Providence with My and your Heavenly Mother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.