Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Priest Thursday.

Jesus speaks to E., M. and F. after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house church in Göttingen through His instrument Anne.


Jesus appeared during the Mass of the Sacrifice as the Merciful Jesus with his red and gold rays of grace. The Blessed Mother appeared in white as the Madonna of Fatima. Today her coat and dress have little golden stars on them. Her coat is interwoven with diamonds. In her crown are only diamonds. It has a triple open crown. She is girded with a golden belt. She has golden shoes on her feet for the first time and there are three roses on them: one golden, one red and one white rose. At this moment she strews red roses, now white roses.

The Archangel Michael appeared during the Holy Mass and also now. He has taken the sword and strikes it again in the four directions. The Nine Choirs of Angels were present during the Holy Mass and also sang and a large group of angels is now above this house and also in this room. St. Joseph was present, and he too wants to keep all evil from this house. He is the patron saint of the church. At the moment Padre Pio and on the other side Padre Kentenich also appeared. They too pray with us. At this time Father Augustine is in Rome with Monsignor Perl. He also helped to pray and exorcise.

Dearest Jesus, speak Your words to Your children, for You are the goodness, the love, the gentleness. You will want to speak to your children again and again to protect them from all evil and to lead them on the right path.

Jesus Christ now says: I, Jesus Christ, speak at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne to My children, especially to My daughter E., to My son M. and also to My son F. My children, do not be sad. I know how it looks in your hearts. The disappointment must not continue, because I, Jesus Christ, am the only Savior. I heal your hearts and I determine the time when this redemption and this deliverance may take place in its full extent. You are all just tools. I have shown you My power over evil. I have also shown you how great the power of evil is and how it plays out its power in this last time. Yes, he is the father of lies and deceit. He uses everything to dissuade you, My beloved children, from this My truth, from this deliverance that My priestly son wanted to bring about through Me.

As you have felt, another obstacle has come your way. That was the cunning of the evil one. Turn away from it and turn to me in full, so that the wicked man cannot always keep his retreat. I protect you and you will have to come again with My son Frank for the greatest deliverance. It is not possible otherwise. Believe in it. There must also be three priests as My symbol of the Trinity. This is My sign that I will give you. It will take place in My Chapel of the United Hearts in Battenhausen.

Please do not develop any fears during this time. Do not worry about fulfillment. I, Jesus Christ, will bring about all things. I will keep everything from you and you will powerfully go My way after that and fulfill the plan of My Heavenly Father. (The evil one roars and screams and emits terrible animal sounds. He has great violence and enormous power :-).

Have no fear, My children. I wanted that too. The evil one should also use his power in this objection, but I, Jesus Christ, protect you from this power. He will not always be able to play out his power. Believe in it. It is My signs that I allow. I have still attributed this power to this evil, but it is the end of time. He knows it, My children. This is the end of my time. The greatest power he will play out with you.

My five children, especially My threesome, believe in it! It is the signs and believes deeper and familiar deeper. I am the king of kings. I will come in great power and glory and you will know and confess me. In these prehistoric times you will all bear witness to me. In these days before, miracles will happen through you, My children. These are My chances that I give to all. The soul-vision will also occur.

I give My priest sons once again a great and special chance. You can take them or not. But you, my little one, will remain in my truth and send and announce my truths to all ends of the earth. You will not become weak, for I am your strength. Believe in it, my little one, deeper. You are no longer yourself. I cause everything in you. I will keep everything from you, and I, Jesus Christ, will proclaim these words through you yourself.

Many will still be able to turn back because they want to believe. Also many are kept away from evil by this my truth. I will always pour out My strengths on you. Remain in prayer. Remain in my power and in my love and follow everything according to my plan. Live according to my instructions. Not one step shall you go without Me. Always I will send my signs and you will recognize them. If you are obedient, then you can hold out until the end of my time of coming.

Bless you now in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Praised and glorified without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

I wish this objection to be a chance for many to get on the Internet. Even if you do not want to believe it, My little one, confess it. It is My wish, not yours.

Yes sir, I want to follow everything. I am all yours and I love you with all my heart. With all my strength I say yes to you and I also say it on behalf of all who are here. We want to go your way and fulfill your wishes and let go in our own ego. Amen. Praise be to Jesus Christ, forever and ever. Amen.