Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Sunday in Advent.

Jesus speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His instrument Anne.


Right now I see St. Michael the Archangel trying to keep all evil away from us with his sword. There is also present the Blessed Virgin Mary in a snow-white robe with golden stars in the coat and dress. It has a triple-opened crown and a golden belt. Her coat is trimmed with a golden border and so is her collar. In her right hand she holds the scepter. Jesus Christ appeared in the Trinity today: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in the symbol of the white dove.

During the Holy Mass the Holy Spirit was over the head of this priest. The Nine Choirs of Angels appeared during the Holy Mass. The cherubim and seraphim held a ribbon of golden writing: Hosanna and Hallelujah. Now at this moment they kneel to the right and left of the Tabernacle.

Jesus Christ now says: My beloved children, My chosen ones, today, on this day of the first Sunday of Advent in My Holy House Chapel, as I would like to call them, this My Holy Sacrificial Supper was offered to Me in the highest reverence in the Trentine Rite by My holy priestly son.

I thank this son of priest for always responding to these My wishes which I speak through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne. All these words are spoken through me. She, my child Anne, repeats these words. Nothing is of it and nothing is of evil, because I, Jesus Christ, am watching over it.

My beloved and chosen ones, My little Anne, on this feast today, you were allowed to be in this house chapel again for the first time and to experience My Holy Sacrifice. What a moving day for you. I kept you away for 14 days with a bad cold. Do you believe, little one, that all this was not allowed by Me, your beloved Savior and Redeemer? Couldn't you see that? You have often asked in your heart: "Why does this sacrifice take so long? You have indeed offered it to Me, but often you have still brought in your own wishes. Now you have experienced that it was wanted by me. Thank your Savior and Redeemer, who allowed this to happen, that you were ready to take this sacrifice upon yourself for 14 days.

And now you may also celebrate this feast on this most sacred first Advent Sunday. At the same time, through you today, I wanted to announce My coming in the original text: Yes, My beloved sons of priests, above all, My beloved bishops, this objection, too, is to be put on the Internet again. It is to be spread all over the world.

Once again I address you, My beloved erring sons of priests and bishops. You have all received My last plea from My messenger. Do you not believe that this gift you received was from Me who communicated it to you? Still you do not believe in the words of my messenger because it is I who speaks to you through her and waits for your repentance. Turn back, My beloved bishops!

You have disobeyed My Supreme Shepherd. This Tridentine Holy Mass in Moto Proprio was proclaimed for you by My Holy Supreme Shepherd. You have not obeyed him. Do you not believe that it was I who brought this about through him, My Supreme Shepherd? Do you not believe in these words that can only come from me?

I want to have My Holy Sacrificial Feast back in full reverence, which was no longer offered to Me. You, My bishops, have led My priests astray and this for a very long time. Turn around and return to this holy sacrificial banquet! How can you leave the laity at My altar? How can these laymen distribute My Holy Communion to My faithful as if it were a piece of bread? How much have you insulted Me? Turn back and above all repent of this!

How long have I been waiting for your repentance. How often have I given you a new chance again and again. Did you take this chance? Have you not recognized that it is I, who again and again wants to touch your heart and is not allowed to stop for a moment? I stand before your closed doors. Since you did not obey My chief shepherd, you rejected Me. You no longer believe in my omnipotence. You also do not believe in my coming. And therefore I want to tell you today: I will come very soon! Are you prepared, My bishops? Then do it very quickly. My coming is announced by My little one. When the exact time is, I will not tell you. I only tell you, prepare yourselves. Repents everything with all her heart. Let love flow into your hearts. Prove this love to me.

You are still standing at My folk altars. Yeah, I'm gonna smash it. You believe in me only symbolically. You hold Me in your hands as a symbol. How much it hurts Me and My beloved Mother weeps tears of blood in many places for this reason for her straying sons of priests, for she is the Queen of all priests.

Why do you not turn to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother? Why do you not believe in the tears of My beloved Mother and have rejected them in this My sacred place Heroldsbach, the place of My Mother, the place of grace, where I let this happen? You have rejected it through the machinations of these freemasons. Do you believe that these are not satanic powers? Do you not think that I could avert everything?

You have parted from me. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! I still give you a short time, then everything will be too late for you. A great evil I will bring especially upon you, My bishops.

How I mourn for you, for your souls, when they go astray and fall into the eternal abyss. I have to watch this happening. Nevertheless I am still waiting for you. Do you not believe that this is a very great offense against your Savior, against the Holy Spirit? Still you reject all messages of my messengers. All messages, I said!

In Germany there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when My event comes. And very soon. Will you continue to serve My people as shepherds, as good shepherds? Can you do that, in these great sacrileges?

Nor do these believers follow you, nor, I have said. Soon is the time where these, my believers, wake up from their sleep of death. Then they will take action against you. Believe this, My beloved ones! I'll call you back! Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! It is I, your Savior, who still waits for your open hearts and finds them closed.

In this Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass, which was celebrated here in all reverence in this house chapel in Göttingen, I poured out great streams of graces on this Göttingen. All the priests in this place do not obey Me and do not believe in Me. They are not celebrating this popular mass for my sake, they have all turned away from me. Look how sad I have to look at you. Once again I address you: Turn back, for my coming is near! It is not only the first Advent: Prepare for My coming. All refuse is still in your hearts. Come to My Holy Sacrament of Penance. Only there you can attain forgiveness.

Do not believe in these machinations of these evil powers that work in the Freemasons. You can recognize it. Are you still blind and deaf? Open your ears and open your hearts and your mouth. Bear witness for me. I am waiting for this, and exercise your priesthood. I have consecrated you. Look at me and become aware again of your great task. Donate My Holy Sacraments in all reverence. You do not do it, My sons of priests, here in this place.

I have brought this message to you all as a great opportunity. Believe and trust and go into you. Throw away everything, all garbage from your hearts and decide anew for your Jesus Christ, for my coming, because I love you boundlessly. The Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blesses you all. Amen. Blessed and praised be the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, forever and ever. Amen.