Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God Mary.

After the Cenacle and the Hour of World Grace 12:00 to 13:00 the Blessed Mother speaks through Anne on her day of honor in the house chapel in Göttingen.


At the moment when we implored the Holy Spirit down, this house chapel was bathed in a bright flood of golden and silver light. From this light an even brighter one gushed out, enveloping the whole altar of the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother herself was dressed today in snow-white with golden braid. She wore a light blue rosary on her right hand. The crown was triple and open. She wore golden sandals and on her feet were white roses on both sides. She wore a red rose on her neck.

During the Holy Mass the Blessed Mother scattered red, white, yellow and pink rose petals. She said: "I will ask you a rich blessing from the Holy Spirit today on this day of My grace. Since I am revered as the Mother of Grace, I was allowed to scatter these graces so abundantly today over Göttingen and also over you and your relatives and acquaintances. You may let them flow when you have arrived in your homeland.

Now Our Lady says: My beloved chosen ones, My beloved children of Mary, today on My great feast, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in this hour of grace, which is celebrated in many places, especially in the shrines and places of prayer consecrated to Me, I may pour great graces upon you. (Anne: At this moment I see golden rays radiating from Our Lady's mantle in all directions. The rays are wide and are becoming ever narrower).

My beloved children, on this day I want to reveal to you and may I tell you that I, as Mother of the Church, as your Mother, may especially accompany you on this last stony path. You have now taken this path. You agreed to go this stony path to the end. You walk the soft paths of love. I will pour this love especially today, on this My day, into your hearts, into your open hearts. This love will shine out, deeper and more intimate.

My beloved children, you have not come to this house chapel for yourselves alone. No, you stand for many who cannot and will not believe, and for many priests who are still to be saved, who must receive many graces in order to repent. I, as the mother and queen of priests, put this expiation into your hearts.

Yes, I as the Mother of Divine Grace want to tell you that I was deeply offended in My place of grace Heroldsbach by this denial of the great miracle that you, My children, were allowed to experience and with you 60 other believers and could immediately accept it as a miracle. My tears have flowed in this place of prayer. For a very long time I had to weep for the many sacrileges of My priests in this place and in many other places on the altars of My Son. How much is sinned and how much must be atoned for.

I, your dearest Mother, was allowed to hold this great event on this day through My intercession and the request of many atonement souls. Today was supposed to be the day, the day that should begin with the soul show. After that the dark days should follow quite soon. I could still hold off this arm of the Heavenly Father. He had already raised the cup of anger.

Yes, My children, the Heavenly Father now begs for your atonement at My special sacred place of grace Heroldsbach. Repent, sacrifice and pray in this night of atonement. It will become fruitful, because I weep for My beloved sons of priests, not only as a mother, but also as Queen of priests.

This message should be sent to many priests in Heroldsbach, in Wigratzbad and here also in Göttingen. It is once again a chance from me, the Mother of the Church, because I want to trample the head of the serpent with you, my beloved children, since the greatest fight of Satan has begun. You will soon experience it, because the greatest victory and the greatest triumph shall happen at my sacred place Wigratzbad. There I will appear with My Son. He will appear in great power and glory as king of hearts.

Beg, implore for many priests who otherwise go astray, but you, My children of Mary, will help Me to continue to pray and sacrifice and implore for My beloved sons of priests. My heart has been crying blood tears for a long time. Can you imagine this, My children how great My suffering is, My greatest suffering in the whole world? In all priests of the world I am present and want to save them from the eternal abyss.

Still they do not obey the representative of Christ on earth. He himself makes the greatest effort to convey to the Chief Shepherds that this Holy Mass of Sacrifice of My Son is the greatest reverence that can be shown to Him. Why do the chief shepherds not listen to these words of my chief shepherd? Why do they twist the truth of My Son? How bitterly he suffers in these sons of priests. Again and again He gives them renewed chances to be able and also to want to turn back. How much He touches their hearts, because many are not ready to confess this great guilt in a good confession. Yes, they still want to play out their power. But the greatest power is humility, humility and childishness, trusting in all the words and truths that Jesus proclaims in many messages and many messengers to save his world. He wants to lead many to the new shore.

I, as the Mother of the Church, am suffering very much from this event that will come over the whole world. In many statues I will still cry. My heart is full of tears and My suffering is so heavy that I want to ask you, My children of Mary, My beloved ones, to console Me in this suffering. You cannot understand how I, as Heavenly Mother, must suffer. What my suffering looks like. I am the Immaculate Conception, conceived without original sin, therefore my suffering is also the greatest. But you too have been allowed all suffering and sacrifice. Carry them in patience and in love. Prepare yourselves for the coming time of My Son's coming and also for My coming. The time is very close. She is moving closer and closer.

My beloved ones, I ask you again for many sacrifices that you can bring to Me. Open your hearts wide so that I can let a deep and intimate love of My Son Jesus Christ flow into them. Then you are strengthened for the last fight because victory is certain for you. You know that in this great place of grace, Wigratzbad, I will achieve the greatest triumph and victory in the whole world. This victory is near and the coming of My Son, My children. Weep for humanity and atone, so that many more may be saved from eternal damnation.

I love you as Heavenly Mother and want to bless you in all reverence for the Triune God, for your dearest Jesus. I bless you, because I also love you boundlessly. Be blessed in the Trinity with your Heavenly Mother, the Mother and Queen of Victory, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live the love and pass the fight. Amen.