Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus Christ speaks during the atonement night in Heroldsbach in the Rosenkranzkirche at about

23.50 by his child Anne.


Appeared at the altar are the Blessed Trinity, the Queen of Roses who strews white and dark red roses, St. Michael the Archangel, cherubim and seraphim and Padre Pio.

Jesus Christ now speaks: My beloved, My chosen pilgrims in Heroldsbach. I, Jesus Christ, speak through My willing, humble and obedient instrument and child Anne. She speaks only My truths and no word is out of her. I love her for the sake of her availability, which she has proved to Me very often.

My chosen ones, your beloved Jesus wants to thank you for your willingness to hurry to this My significant place of prayer Heroldsbach also this month. No sacrifice was too much for you. Trouble and plague is your way, which leads to me. My beloved ones, how much My dearest Heavenly Mother was mocked and deeply insulted in this place. If one insults My mother, I will not allow it, because it means a grave sin against My Holy Spirit. Your dearest Jesus must not let heavy things come upon these priests as a punishment, if this sin is not immediately repented and atoned for, but so that they can and want to repent. Inexpressibly your Heavenly Mother suffers for these her priestly sons who have rejected her caring love.

You, My chosen ones, are members of the Body of My Holy Catholic Church and take part in this great suffering. Also your souls are deeply grieved. It is incomprehensible to you that the tears of your dear mother have been taken away. You have seen this miracle with alert and loving eyes of faith. Nothing will deter you from what your eyes have seen. Your conviction is true love. Yes, you would want to die for the sake of this firmness. How deeply this love was burned into your hearts. You have given my mother great comfort.

My mother will hide her beloved children under her cloak. A legion of angels is placed for your protection. All the fear of man was torn from your hearts and a deep fear of God was put into them. How brave and courageous you have taken this last path of the greatest persecution and the most difficult struggle.

The smoke of Satan has come to My place of prayer. Masonic forces are at work and want to destroy this My place of prayer. The struggle has taken on great proportions. But my omnipotence, this power of God, will now become effective. You too, my children, are crucified with me, the Highest Godhead. Hang in there and take your suffering and hardships upon yourself. Look at My cross and place yourselves under this cross of love. Then hold out patiently. The victory is certain for you!

Again I tell you that My coming with My Queen is nearing victory. But before this happens, the great battle of Satan is intensified. This is the battle you are in. Never your mother leaves you alone. In every moment she watches over you. Now the time of my announcement has dawned. Now bear brave witness to what you have heard and seen. The Holy Spirit will inspire you. The Divine Power is at work within you. You will not speak from yourselves, but the Spirit of God speaks from you. Calmly and quietly you will confess my truths because my messengers are rejected.

My Mass of Sacrifice is also rejected on all sides. My Superior Shepherds have long been in disobedience to My Supreme Shepherd, My successor Peter. How many signs have I given to My bishops. But they continue to be guided by evil. They do not stop insulting their dearest Lord and Savior. Now the Heavenly Father will empty the cup of wrath upon this humanity.

My chosen ones, My little flock, pray and atone for these grave crimes. I love you all. Turn to the Immaculate Heart of My mother to experience her protection. Do not deviate a step from my truth, even if you are mocked and the hostilities increase. Remain in unity and strive for holiness. Be now blessed, loved and protected in the threefold divine strength, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Gentile Spirit. Amen. Look upon the greatest victory and triumph of your dearest mother.