Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve.

Jesus Christ speaks after the Holy Christmas Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through his little nothing Anne.


I was allowed to see the Blessed Mother enlightened in her bright light, the Child Jesus lying before her, and the golden rays pouring into our hearts from the hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. St. Joseph was also in the background. To the Sanctus came the choirs of angels. Each choir of angels had a banner in gold. The writing was white and around it was a white stripe as decoration. The banner said: Gloria in excelsis Deo and always continuously in excelsis Deo. Between the voices I heard bells ringing. Little bells sounded in between.

Jesus now says: My beloved children, today, on this Holy Night, I want to speak to you, yes, I want to thank you. Thank you for this past year where you have grown so deeply into My love, into this Divine love. Nothing can now turn you away from this path. You are blessed and you have been protected. Again and again I have encouraged you to continue on this path. Sometimes you were very sad, also because of My suffering in you.

In you, My little one, I had to cry very often lately because the persecution became so strong that your Jesus had to experience again and again the suffering in you. But you were ready to suffer with me and to tread this stony path and go on.

To you, My beloved priest son, I want to thank you for the many holy sacrificial masses you offered for My sake. In holy reverence you stood before Me, your highest Lord and Savior and offered My Holy Blood on the altar. You were allowed to drink My Holy Blood and taste My Body. What joy I had in you that you continued along this path, although it became more and more difficult, especially for you, through your prohibition to hear confession. How painful it was also for Me, since I have given you this charisma. How many people wanted to be delivered from their sins, and I had chosen them for you so that you could deliver them through this Holy Sacrament, in which I wanted to be present again and again. They had to leave without having achieved anything, because these bishops still do not believe and because satanic powers have also invaded the Vatican.

For this reason, My holy Padre Pio had to ask me to encourage you on this path. He will continue to accompany you and will also always beg protection for you if someone wants to do evil to you. Yes, lately you, My beloved children, are being persecuted very much. The great struggle is getting stronger and stronger and the evil one works in these men who do not obey me: Especially in the bishops and priests.

On this Holy Night I have entered your hearts. I have been allowed to take home in your hearts as a little Jesus. You have worshiped Me in your hearts. I was deeply moved in you because you belong to Me, to Me alone. Since nothing can turn you away from my love, I want to let you continue to grow in this Divine Love. You will be able to endure many things and many things will still come to you, but in Divine Love and Divine Power it will go on and on. It will be difficult for you on some days, but then I will come into your heart and will give you these strengths that you could not get anywhere.

Here, in this place Göttingen, great graces are poured out tonight. Even if your dearest child Jesus is so sad in this city, I will always pour out these graces through My Holy Sacrificial Feast, which is celebrated here in this apartment, in this house chapel. Your dearest Jesus will be with you this night, these Christmas days and the time of the New Year, when the old year fades away and the New Year will also bring you joy.

Never forget that your Lord and Savior, your dearest Jesus, will be especially close to you in the most difficult hours. Then, when your disappointment will be great, come to my heart. My blood flows through your veins. You are deified. No longer do you live, but I live in you and work especially when your powerlessness is there.

Do not let up in atonement, especially not in the nights of atonement! Give satisfaction! Because, as you know, I am rejected more and more by men and my flock becomes smaller and smaller. But you will feel that the firmness will go deeper and deeper into you and into these persons who are not falling away now in the last time. The great apostasy will become even more. But I will love exceedingly my little flock that remains. You have been tested in many things, but your steadfastness has become stronger and stronger.

I want to thank you in this most holy night, where I was allowed to take this greatest place in your hearts. You have not closed the doors to Me. You have opened them wide. For this I thank you. I would also like to bless you for the whole city, for this sinful city, which has done so much to me, but for this your firmness has become all the stronger.

I love you, My beloved children, My chosen ones who are Mine and also the Mary children of My Heavenly Mother. I bless you today in triple strength as your dearest Jesus, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this moment, the Heavenly Mother also blesses us in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever and ever. Amen.