Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day.

Jesus Christ speaks after the Holy Tridentine Christmas Sacrifice Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through his instrument Anne


In this Holy Mass, Lord Jesus Christ, You were not only present, but You sent down all the rejoicing of heaven. You have given us everything. You have showered us with these gifts of grace. I thank you for that.

Jesus Christ now says: My beloved ones, My beloved little children, My beloved priestly son, today, on this feast day, I want to impart to you this rejoicing of all heaven. Let your heart rejoice! Let your outward appearance rejoice! Let it prepare itself for this rejoicing. Yes, you have been very sad and very depressed lately because of the many obstacles that have been put in your way.

I want to give you this rejoicing in your hearts that you also adjust your outward appearance to it, because the love of Jesus Christ, My birth, has also taken place today in your hearts. Your dearest Jesus became human that night. What a great event became truth in your hearts today. Come and look at me as this little human being. I became man for you, for you, My children. For all of you. If I had not come in this poverty, I could not have been recognized as the true Son of God. One could not have read from me in what smallness, in what humility, in what meanness I wanted to enter your hearts. I became man for you, so that this rejoicing should fill your innermost being so that joy may permeate you.

The joy and rejoicing did not come to fruition with you on this day today. And that is why I want to let joy penetrate deeper into your hearts, so that these difficulties, which came upon you in the last days, yes, which I wanted, which I added, do not suppress this inner joy today. Believe and trust more deeply, for joy must penetrate you so deeply that evil cannot be within you. This evil also wants to penetrate you. But I, Jesus Christ, will be the victor in your hearts. You should continue on this path - safe and secure. Your dearest Jesus is there in your hearts. But this joy was not in you. Today, on this day, do not. Believe that this joy is the greatest.

You have been taken out of this my church. There must be a great wall between men and My purified Church, which you now represent and in which you are. You are already in My purified church and this must cheer you through, this must carry you in joy, and this joy I would also like to feel in you. This love and this joy of faith must penetrate you more deeply because it is I who has guided you, who has always carried you through these three and a half years.

What love has surrounded you in the last time. Do not let them take away this joy. Everything, if you consider, everything you have in this house chapel, it is from Me. Every single part was thought through by me. You have done it according to my wishes, not your wishes. Your wishes were not.

And that is why I want to let you now be formed further by My dearest Mother, your holy heavenly Mother. She will give you this love and also the joy. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry through this time that is coming up now. It does not carry you, for these many people who will come to you must be permeated by your joy, not by your sadness. Be no longer depressed, but rejoice in this birth of mine. Come to My crib. Look at me with what tenderness I embrace you.

Can you ever understand how I love you? How I have led you? Look back on this past of three and a half years. Look at these people. There is a thick wall between these people and your past. They can no longer understand you all and they will also not understand you because I first have to fetch them back to my church, in which you are already. They must then be able to read off you. That is why I have to carry and lead you through my love more strongly in the last times. If you do not read off from My holiness, from My deep inner joy and gratitude, you will not be able to lead people back.

Believe in this great event of Christmas, this Christmas It is something exhilarating that must permeate your heart. Deeper and deeper you will now be led into my love because everything that was wanted to do to you will not be able to touch your heart. Be thankful and rejoice in what I have given you. You can experience nothing greater than this great event in your house chapel in Göttingen. All Göttingen could read from you, for they are all in the deepest darkness. But you are in the brightest light of your dearest Jesus. Let us read about this great joy.

I want to bless you now, also as the little Jesus. Be humble! Become as small as a newborn child so small! Come to me in your childishness! There you will be able to rest and experience this deep tenderness from me, which will be necessary in the next time. I love you boundlessly, and please do not forget about this sadness you are conveying at the moment. Be loved! Above all, be protected and blessed now in the Trinity of God with the whole heaven, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. You are loved boundlessly, and believe in this divinity, which has become truth in your hearts. Amen.