Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jesus and the Blessed Mother speak after the vigil for the unborn life in the house chapel in Göttingen through their instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

During the Holy Mass, the Child Jesus was very brightly illuminated and golden rays were flashing. We should pick up these rays of grace. The Child Jesus wants us to pick up these rays of grace from the manger, especially now during the Christmas season, which runs until February 2. They are especially valuable to us and are effective all year round. Then St. Michael appeared, since this chapel is dedicated to St. Michael. He has swung the sword in all four directions.

Jesus Christ appeared as King with the crown and the sceptre. The Blessed Mother has floated to him. She had the golden rosary today. Her coat was white and set off with gold. When the Blessed Mother was with Jesus, the statue of Rosa Mystica was added. She wanted to tell us that this year she is taking special care of us and is caring for us, because she moved in this last week.

During the exposure the angels appeared and the little souls. They kneeled on both sides of the tabernacle next to the monstrance. The little angels, who are a little bigger, also kneeled and came closer and closer to the holy of holies. Jesus Christ and the Mother of God will speak today.

At this moment Jesus says: My beloved children, how thankful I am to you that you have gone this arduous way, that you are atoning and atoning for these many priests who do not want to go this way, because there are very many souls at this time who are waiting to enter heaven, eternal glory. Yes, they are in heaven before heaven. I have let My little souls see My little one. The angels have shown them the way to My eternal glory. It was an enormous stream which My little one was allowed to see, for there were ten of you. The more people there will be, the more little souls I will be able to save, because, as you know, millions of these little ones are being aborted and the mothers are very badly off after this time. Many are straying. Pray for the mothers especially and tell them to come to the maternal heart of My Heavenly Mother, there they will receive comfort, the only comfort that exists for them. And now My Heavenly Mother will say a few words to you.

At this moment Our Lady says: I speak as My Heavenly Son Jesus Christ, through My willing, obedient and humble child Anne. She lies in the will of the Triune God, the Heavenly Father, and fulfills His plan. This plan is intended for her from eternity. This Heavenly Plan has also been conceived for each one of you, My beloved ones, who endure until the end. Please fulfill it in its entirety. Then, if you continue unperturbed on My path, at My hand, My beloved children, then I will be able to lead you to the Father.

You will remain in serenity. In you I will let the Divine Love and the Divine Strength flow into you. It will inspire you deeper and deeper. I am the Bride of the Holy Spirit and I may impart these graces to you, for I am the Mediator of all graces. Let yourselves be formed by Me in all virtues, then you will be able to walk the path of holiness and fulfill it.

I know, My beloved ones, that your weaknesses disturb you. Accept them. For the Heavenly Father does not want to take these weaknesses away from you. They make you lovable and humble. Beloved children, persevere! Do not look at your difficulties, but look at the goal. Today, on this day, I walked with you in the image of the Guadalupe Mother of God. A huge stream of little souls went with you and thanked you, and they looked happy that you led them into heaven through your persistent prayer of the rosary and your arduous walk.

Yes, My beloved little one, do not be sad that you succumbed to your weakness. It is willed by the Heavenly Father. Thank Heaven that you are able to take on all your troubles willingly, because you are guided and strengthened. Not in your weakness could you bear this, only in the Divine Power will you go further and further on your path of holiness. You will be able to fulfill the plan of the Heavenly Father. Hold on to My Hand as all of you, My beloved little ones, as I want to call you today. How much I love you, My children of Mary. You will soon trample the head of the serpent with me. I am waiting for your cooperation and your availability, because Jesus demands a lot from you. Walk this way steadily without looking back. Look forward, there is your way. Yes, do not succumb to the hostilities, for they will become more.

As you know, My beloved ones, the strengths of heaven will come. You will not succumb to weaknesses. At the end of the days of my coming miracles of grace will happen through you. Now pay attention to the characters. There will be changes in the firmament and sun, moon and stars will no longer be as they were before. Then the time of my coming is here. Do not be afraid, My beloved ones. You go the way at my hand, at my motherly hand. Surely you will be able to follow this path and go further.

Love Us and tell Us quite often that you love Us, because We need your comfort in this time of great apostasy as you experience it. Do not be sad. You are members of the Church of My Son and My Son will found this Church, His Church, anew. You are already in the cleansed church. Here you experience the great holiness in My Holy Mass of Sacrifice. It is important that you participate daily in this sacrificial meal, My sacrificial meal. There my favors will be, and far out they will flow. Think of your goal to cleanse this sinful Göttingen and help in this purification. Yes, all the priests in this city lie in untruth, as I have told you many times. But through your prayer they can still be saved. You are already standing at the abyss. But, beloved children, I am waiting for you to continue to atone, pray and sacrifice. Do not let up in the readiness to continue to do this for my honor, for the honor of all heaven.

My beloved little children, how much I take you all now under My wide mantle. At that moment my little one sees this coat spread out far. You are all under this protection. Come, come all to the dear Savior. He wants you all to turn to His Divine Heart. Our hearts are fused together, these united, loving hearts. Come, there you will find comfort in your difficulties. Again and again you will be loved in the Divine Power and Love. And now I want to bless, love, protect and send you.

Jesus: I, Jesus Christ, will now bless you in the Trinity, with My dearest Mother, with all angels and saints, especially with the archangel Michael and Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love and endure until the end of My coming!

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Mary dear with the child, give us all Your blessing. Amen.