Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jesus speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Duderstadt through His instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Jesus Christ appeared in the sunny light, in the radiant white and yellow as the Merciful Jesus. But Jesus also stepped out of the image of the Good Shepherd with the lost sheep and blessed His priestly son.

Our Lady appeared as Rosa Mystica and as Our Lady of Medjugorje. The angels at the altar sang and worshipped kneeling, alternately with white and golden wings, white and golden dresses. All had white wreaths with golden flowers on their heads today. The Heavenly Father has appeared with the Holy Spirit. Jesus let His precious blood flow from the cup not only over us, but also over His place here in Duderstadt.

At this moment Jesus says to me: Bow down and make atonement for this city that belongs to me.

Jesus now says: You, My small and blessed chosen multitude, remain faithful to Me until My last drop of blood, which I will shed for you, because you are My beloved and chosen children. Each of you will be instruments of Me, especially now in this last time.

Do not let up in fidelity. They will want to do many things to you. The lie, the untruth, will be spread, not only about you, my children, but about me, the highest Lord and Savior. Here, in this Holy Mass of Sacrifice, I have shed My Blood as atonement for this city, this bulwark, My Eichsfeld, which I had chosen, for My Holy Mass of Sacrifice. It was celebrated today in the greatest reverence, again by My beloved priest son. I would like to thank him. You, My faithful, who were present and celebrated this sacrificial meal with me, I personally give My heavenly thanks to each one of you. Also my dearest mother would like to thank you, because you have comforted her today in a very special way. She suffers inexpressibly, because she is closely connected with My Divine Heart, through which My blood flows. It flows not only here in Eichsfeld, but also across the diocese of Hildesheim.

Atone, My children! What has happened here is unspeakable. Inexplicably, My sons of priests have done so much suffering to Me here in this place, which can hardly be atoned for. The lie cannot be surpassed, but the lie is of evil. Who is not for me is against me.

The satanic powers have taken over in this city and in these My priests. How much must I suffer, for they are my chosen ones. I have chosen them, called them, and they have promised me faithfulness in their covenant of consecration. Have you forgotten all this, My beloved priests? Again and again I let you feel the longing so that you finally convert and in my succession offer me this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You have rejected everything, everything. Do you not feel this grace that should come upon you?

My representative here on earth wanted to say through this Motu Proprio: Celebrate again My Holy Mass of Sacrifice. Leave this popular mass, for it is not worthy of me. My sons of priests unite with Me at My altar of sacrifice and they do not unite with My people. How much longer must I suffer from this popular mass and from these popular altars? They called her that. They are not My altars, but grinding tables, where one has meal fellowship with the people.

Why do My shepherds not recognize this My truth? Why do they not obey My Supreme Shepherd? Why? How much I have called you, My beloved sons of priests. How much I must suffer in you. Everything must be atoned for and you will once stand before my judgment seat and must confess before me what you have done here on earth, how you have celebrated my Holy Sacrificial Feast in unworthiness to the highest degree. Do you not believe, My beloved ones, that you are to serve Me? That I, your Lord and Savior, again and again send you this objection of my messenger, not out of punishment, but so that you can repent? Yes, sweet is My secret. My mystery is so great. It contains everything. Without mysticism My Church is lost. I will see to it that this mysticism will be present in My Holy Sacrificial Feast.

What does this great secret mean? I Myself, Jesus Christ, offer Myself through My sons of priests on My sacrificial altars throughout the world. This happens only at my sacrificial altars. It cannot be any other way.

My bishops, My sons of priests, why do you remain in error? Turn back! My justice will come upon you, but it is still paired with mercy, My mercy. I see you all standing on the brink of the abyss. How bitter it is for your Savior to let you get lost. I want to save you, and I do not want to lose you. Come to My Holy Sacrificial Feast. You are the called ones. Follow me and not these satanic powers, which have come over you and are making trouble in you. Follow your Jesus Christ, to whom you have promised fidelity in your consecration. Come back! Come back! My longing is oversized for you. Again and again I wait for your repentance. How painful it is for all heaven that you will not follow me.

My mother weeps over her priest sons in many places, not only tears, but tears of blood. Can you measure that? Can you see your mother crying? Have pity, at least on my dearest mother. She is waiting for you. She wants to embrace you, and her only desire is to bring you back to me, to the Trinity, to your dearest Jesus Christ. Nothing else she wants from you but to lead you back. How heartfelt her love is connected with my love. Turn to this motherly heart. She is the Mother of the Church and also the Mother of the priests and also Queen of the priests.

She will prevail, My children, she will prevail and you will be protected. Do not be afraid during this time. You will be persecuted, mocked, but then I am especially close in you. Nothing will happen to you. You will not be harmed because the caring mother is within you. Again and again she will protect you like her expensive eye star.

Now today I would like to do something very special for you, to give you a present that you can hold out until the end, until my coming. I bless you with the jewel of My crown. Every single one of you will be blessed with this gemstone today, because you are precious to me. Each of you is My jewel, My treasure. I bless you with your dearest Mother, all the angels and saints, with Saint Padre Pio, in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful, my children, until the coming when I will take you into my arms. Bring the sacrifices that are necessary and do not let up in your prayers of atonement. Long live love, for the love of God is the greatest. Amen.