Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

After the vigil for unborn life, Our Lady speaks in the house chapel in Göttingen through her child Anne.


During the exposure I saw here in this chapel the angels, the archangels and the Virgin of Guadalupe. The little souls were grouped in the middle. They wore white dresses again and on the dresses were golden stars. The golden myrtle wreaths were set with white pearls.

Our Lady, as Guadalupe Mother of God, speaks today: I, your Heavenly Mother, speak to you today on this Vigil Day, My beloved children. I greet you and thank Me as Mother, as Heavenly Mother, for having walked this difficult path today in this Holy Week. No hostility has been allowed against you. I, as Mother of Guadalupe, have floated along this path. I have watched over you. The little angels around Me have guided these little souls with Me into heaven. I was allowed to lead and gather them all together. There were many of them today. Again and again individual groups of My little angels came from all four directions of heaven. They led the little souls to the center and formed a circle around them to protect them. That was My wish.

My little one, I, as your mother, have asked My Son that He may allow little suffering for you. My son asked you, My little one, whether you wanted to take upon yourself this most difficult suffering today and you willingly said yes. Yes, My Son has given you choking fits to participate in His suffering on the cross. The side wound of My Son also became effective in you by bleeding, and you were allowed to experience this pain once. My son is walking this difficult path in this special time and week of repentance.

Here, in this city of Göttingen, My Son has been insulted to the utmost and therefore this walk of yours was also a way of atonement. All priests here in this city are turned to the world. They do not believe in My Son and they do not experience this pain of Holy Week, the Holy Week, when My Son suffered His greatest suffering also for this city of Göttingen. It is your hometown, My beloved little ones. Pray for this city so that it will not fall into ruin. That is why, my little one, you have borne so much suffering today as atonement. I want to thank you for having accepted this most difficult sacrifice in the humility and love of God.

All of you, My children, are protected by Me, your Heavenly Mother, for the time to come. In this Holy Week you will all be able to experience suffering in order to share in the suffering of the Redeemer. Thank you for that! Do not complain! It is atonement for My two chosen cities Duderstadt and Göttingen.

Often you will still hurry to this Holy House Chapel of My beloved priestly son. Here highest holiness takes place. Whoever has entered this room will feel in his heart how precious this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is in this chosen place. All things that happen here happen in the greatest holiness. Everything is conceived by My Son, everything that happens here and is celebrated in supreme holiness.

Hold on, My children, for you have saved many little souls today. An innumerable flock was led by Me into heaven, accompanied by the angels. Thank you for this! Thank you very much! Your Heavenly Mother loves you and will continue to care for you. Thank you also, My little one, for your atonement. My son thanks you very much. And now I want to bless, protect and love all of you and impart to you a blessed Easter, a resurrection feast in your hearts. You will be loved from eternity. And now I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! - This objection is to be spread particularly in the Internet. Some priests will also receive this objection, because of the worldwide vigil.