Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jesus and the Blessed Mother speak to the pilgrims in Heroldsbach at 24.00 o'clock through their tool Anne.


Our Lady says: My children beloved in the Trinity, today I want to speak to you as your Heavenly Mother. I speak through My beloved, willing and obedient child and instrument of God. She speaks only words of heaven. My beloved and chosen children of our United and loving hearts, I greet you and I want to thank you for having responded to My call.

Lovingly I have pressed you to My Immaculate Heart to which you have consecrated yourselves. How much you are loved from eternity. This love makes you capable of fulfilling the will and plan of the Heavenly Father. Be ready, My children, to fight in this dispute. Your mother carries your difficulties and pain with you. You are not alone in this greatest struggle. Take your troubles upon you as atonement and sacrifice for the conversion of my priest sons. They are moving further and further away from My Son. Never has there been such an apostasy and so many sacrileges among My priests' sons. How our United Hearts yearn for the consecrated ones. As a mother, I wish that they would return to worship. They have turned to the world and do not think of the longing of My Son. Hang in there, My children beloved above all. Be united in divine love and strength. Only together can you argue. You are sent out to bear witness to the truth. Always be aware of this. Do not let up in constant inner prayer.

Now Jesus says: Hail, My chosen ones. I too speak through My willing and humble child Anne. She speaks only My words and nothing is out of her. My beloved ones, I have placed My beloved mother at your side. She is watching over you and is constantly taking care of you. How much she weeps for her lost children and especially for her priest sons. Bear your sorrows without murmuring and accept your cross with patience. It will be a blessing for you. If you think the cross is too heavy for you, ask for the help of the angels and saints. They wait for your cries for help and hurry to stand by your side. Do you believe that Our love leaves you in the dryness of your faith? No, for then Our Love is closest to you. All is fate and all suffering becomes fruitful. Through your fervent prayer in this night of atonement you have saved a great multitude of My sons of priests from eternal damnation. How salutary is your perseverance. Through divine strength, you prove your courage. There will be great rejoicing in heaven for a single sinner who repents.

Unfortunately I have to let you experience an even greater apostasy. It is not easy for your beloved Savior to see you suffer. Again and again I send you many consolations. Pay attention to the small ways of love, because they strengthen you and increase your heart's joy. Be grateful, My children, that you are among the chosen ones. I demand many sacrifices from you. But if you persist in love, your deeds will be sweetened.

Be ready for My coming! Develops a deep unshakable confidence. Do not let anything upset you. Be vigilant, for everywhere the evil one wants to turn you away from your good deeds. With treacherous cunning he waits to bring you down. Remember, the Holy Archangel Michael is waiting for your calls for help. In a hurry he will be at your side. Now I want to bless, protect and send you on this way in threefold strength with My dearest Mother, all angels and saints, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love one another as I have loved you! Persevere in unity!