Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 27, 2008

God the Father speaks important words after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Duderstadt through His child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During Holy Mass, God the Father appeared above the altar. He became very big and bright. He looked at the altar, at His sacrificed Son.

The heavenly Father asks me: My child, will you go the last way with Me and also these My words proclaim in My truth, not according to your wishes, all alone according to My heavenly plan? Tell me your ready yes.

Yes, Heavenly Father!

And now the heavenly Father says: My beloved children, I speak today through My willing, humble, and obedient child Anne. She lies in my full truth and speaks only words from the Heavenly Father. Not a word is out of her. My beloved children, I, your Heavenly Father, now take you by the hand. Go willingly and willingly by My hand the last path of struggle. It is bitter for you and also painful. I wish you to walk these steps completely in My truth and not to look right and left and take all hostilities upon yourselves. This is the wish of the Heavenly Father. Always remember that I, the Heavenly Father, who announces these words to you, keep all human fear away from you. Only then will you be protected if you follow the last path completely.

And now to my plan and my last wishes Now the cleansing of My Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is here. Now the hour has come, My hour, and I will announce to you all words that you can and should take up into your hearts. The chaff is now separated from the wheat. Slowly I have prepared you for these steps and this way. First of all, I wished that you continue to go to this meal fellowship to offer the priests another chance, since you received Me kneeling in oral communion, as an example for all the others.

Now is the time of purification and I wish that you do not go further into this modernist church, into this meal fellowship, because I, Jesus Christ (He is speaking to you now), do not let Me be transformed in these sacrilegious hands of the priests. It is My time, My children. The weeds rage and grow higher and higher in these modernist churches. Separate yourselves now immediately from these churches. Go to your homes. Pray there in all reverence and follow My Holy Sacrificial Feast.

It is given for you on K-TV, on DVD, cassettes and in books that you can get. In these modernist churches the meal fellowship is now celebrated even more and they are in full ecumenism. It is not My Holy Sacrificial Feast.

All, My children and faithful, can participate in a Tridentine Holy Mass, if it is possible for them. If not, stay in your homes. Go to the emergency churches, because even more are being consecrated.

My Church will sink down even more through My priests and bishops who are not well-disposed towards Me. As you know, here in Germany all bishops lie in untruth. They no longer serve My Holy Father and do not listen to His words and instructions. They go their own ways. And now I have to separate you, my beloved believers, who have held out until now, from it.

Celebrate in all reverence daily My Holy Sacrificial Feast in your homes at a certain time, just as you entered the churches at a certain time. Put yourselves before My Tabernacle, figuratively speaking, and spiritually receive My Holy Communion, Myself in flesh and blood. This is My last way for you, My children. A small group will be left behind and not many will follow this path.

Take all hostilities upon you, all mockeries, but also all sacrifices. Say again and again: "Heavenly Father, for Your sake I walk this path at Your hand and You will guide me and You will guide me and You will keep me from everything that harms me.

Yes, your Heavenly Father has now made known to you this plan of Heaven. Thank you for not having to experience this last time in the modernist churches. It will be cruel. A complete chaos among My bishops and priests.

They have not proclaimed My truth, My Good News and everything that belongs to it, what My writings say, for a very long time. They do not know My Bible anymore. They choose their own words from these scriptures and proclaim only these. Not even the full truth they know in my writings. All prophets reject them.

How will you, My bishops and priests, come to My truth when your Church is at the end? You are at the end, My bishops. Look, so many churches you have to close, and where is My Holy Sacrificial Feast? The churches become empty, more and more empty. Do you not feel that I, Jesus Christ, am no longer among you? You do not worship me and you celebrate meal fellowship. Where is My Holy Sacrificial Feast? The Holy Father has announced everything to you. Why do you not obey him? Then you also do not obey me because he is my deputy on earth, whom I have appointed.

Well, My children, I will keep everything from you. Go this way and do not leave me alone. (At this moment I look at the angel of consolation, the Mount of Olives.) Call upon him in your most difficult hours and then always think of Me, of Me, of nothing else but the Most Holy Trinity.

The Heavenly Father has made this known to you and He will always be with you in the Trinity. The Holy Spirit will inspire you and give sunshine into your heart. In the center of your heart is I. Nothing else will have room there. You have renounced all worldly pleasures and I thank you for that. So far you have held out. Take also this last step with Me, with your Heavenly Father.

The Heavenly Mother will spread the mantle over you and give you security. Then, when you think it is getting too much for you, flee to the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother and give thanks that you are allowed to follow this path, that you lie in knowledge. Do not take it for granted, but bear it in responsibility for your sisters and brothers. I bless you now in all constancy, in all power, in the power of all heaven, in the Trinity, of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be ready for this last fight and prove your love to me. Amen.