Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fatima Day and Feast of Rosa Mystica.

God the Father speaks to the pilgrims during the atonement night in Heroldsbach in the Rosenkranzkirche at 0.05 am through His child Anne.


Jesus went into the monstrance at 24.00 o'clock The angels had formed a circle around the monstrance with three golden rings. They wore golden robes and white wings, myrtle wreaths on their heads, and worshipped kneeling with their hands raised.

Now the Heavenly Father says: My beloved children and pilgrims, your Heavenly Father wants to strengthen you. For a long time you have been in the last stage of the coming of My Son. Bring Me many sacrifices out of love but not out of duty. To you, My beloved children, I want to press you to My loving Father's Heart if you want to walk all My steps in obedience. I know that it costs you much effort and courage. I cannot spare you these difficulties because otherwise you will not mature into stable personalities. Go safely by the hand of your Heavenly Mother to the Father's house.

Consecrate yourselves to her Immaculate Heart! She is waiting for you, because she wants to implore you the protection of the angels. The angels have received a special power during this time. But the evil one now plays out his power with ever greater cunning. Do not be afraid of Satan's cunning tricks. Pray to the Holy Spirit and consecrate yourself to your dearest Mother! She wants to carry all your worries with you. She is the dearest mother, the mother of your heart, which wants to be united with her in love. She brings you to her son. She will never stop appealing to my fatherly heart.

My children, carefully follow My steps and do not be confused. If My shepherds want to celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Feast only partially in the Tridentine Rite, this sacrifice is not pleasing to Me. They give me only partly their heart. They do not maintain the full input. They have fears and fear of people. They are not willing to ask for the spirit of discernment. Only he who fulfills my whole will is safe from Satan's cunning and deceit.

Now you adore My Son in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in this night of atonement. My little one will tell you that through your fervent prayer many, indeed a great number of priest souls were ready for conversion.

My Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Feast will now spread all over the world with great speed. Be prepared to no longer participate in modernist mealtimes. Let these churches empty themselves so that My Tridentine Sacrificial Feast may come to fruition. Obeyed in love My requirements. I want to keep you away from all evil and give you the full protection of heaven.

I ask you again: Do you want to fulfill My will or do you want to continue to be plagued by human fears? Are you ready to take this My arduous path? Will you declare your availability to Me, the Heavenly Father? Thank you for having willingly complied with my wishes so far. Remain faithful to me and do not spare any sacrifice! Become more willing to sacrifice and develop a deep trust! It now blesses you in threefold power, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with all the angels and saints and with your intercessory Mother in heaven.