Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Feast of Mary Snow.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in Göttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the consecration thick flakes of snow fell on the altar and especially on the altar of the Virgin Mary. The mother of God was snowed in up to half of her coat. The snow-white snow was covered with crystals and they sparkled like diamonds. The angels were present. The cherubim and seraphim were especially around the Mother of God. They were also on the altar and on the windowsill. These went beyond the house. It was again blessed by the Heavenly Father.

The Heavenly Father now speaks: I, the Heavenly Father, speak today, on the feast of Mary Snow, through My willing and humble instrument and child Anne. They are My words and nothing but My words. My chosen ones, also today you have experienced this miracle of snow in your hearts. Since today miracles are rejected and this deep mysticism is robbed from people and believers, that is why I let more and more miracles happen through My messengers, not through My priests, because they do not listen to My words, but to the words of the bishops and the unbelieving priests.

You, My children, have walked My steps so far, because these steps were also connected with many demands and sacrifices for you. On this day, the feast, My feast, I want to thank you for this. It has not always been easy for you. Above all, you three have had to make the greatest sacrifices in my place of prayer. You have remained steadfast in spite of the many hostilities and slanders that came upon you. Everything was planned by Me, the Heavenly Father. Everything was My permissions. In my omnipotence I could have kept everything from you, but I wanted your sacrifices so that these would bear fruit in this place of prayer of my mother.

Now you have returned here to your home town. Here I, the Heavenly Father, can finally proclaim My messages again and they will also come to the Internet. These many messages that I wanted to proclaim were held by this, My priest's son, Thomas Rimmel. Yes, a lot will come over him. Up to now I still wanted to save him through your sacrifices. You, My little one, have made many sacrifices for him until the last day, in the hope that he will be converted. I, too, the Heavenly Father, have given him many food for thought. But nothing has happened to him in his heart. He is stubborn and holds on to his power. He believes in the power of the bishops and continues not to obey My Holy Father, My representative on earth. He inflicted many things on you that I wanted to allow.

Many conversations have taken place between Me and you, My beloved children and My beloved priest son. I know what it looks like in your hearts. You have had to endure much, but not in your strength. You could not have mastered this if you had only used your human power. I, the Heavenly Father, have given you My strength. And in this Divine Power you have been able to endure everything. I thank you, My beloved ones, because your confidence will grow deeper through these failures. Keep practicing, because your confidence can only grow in this way. Not through the many joys that I could have given you would your confidence have grown, but only in the failures you become strong.

Now I, out of this My Church, out of this crypt at the Wigratzbad place of prayer, have been expelled. Furthermore, My priest's son Thomas held to this prohibition, although you wanted to and the purpose of your conversations was to persuade him to repent. He did not understand that he pushed me out. He is surrounded by evil and masonic forces. And so far he obeys them and not me.

My beloved ones, today one does not want to acknowledge the miracles, the many wonders of My messengers. These priests who believe in My mysticism are expelled. They are expelled from My Church and indulge in the modernist church. It is not My Church. It has become the Church of Freemasonry and Ecumenism. One indulges the Protestant community. It is not a church. It is a separation of My Catholic and Apostolic Church, My only Church, which I founded myself. How painful it is for me that this, my church, and my truth are not to be believed. Again and again I am pushed out anew, through the prohibitions of My Holy Mass of Sacrifice, My Holy Tridentine Mass of Sacrifice and Sacrificial Feast. One does not want any victims. One wants to continue to exercise power. Only in humility can you, My sons of priests, celebrate this, My Holy Sacrificial Feast, in all reverence. If you are not ready for this, you will continue to be inferior to ecumenism and to the evil Masonic powers.

Watch you priests! Wake up! Only a short time more, then I, Jesus Christ, will appear in all power and glory with My Heavenly Mother, the Snake Treader. She will crush the head of the snake and you will be allowed to celebrate this great victory at my place of prayer Wigratzbad. There this victory will be given to you because you are the children of my heavenly mother and your mother.

On the feast of Mary Snow, as I would like to continue to call it, this miracle happened for the first time. Where mysticism is rejected, these deep joys can no longer enter the hearts of believers. You, My priests, deprive Me of this great mysticism, which happens daily, also in My messengers.

You, My priestly fraternities, you celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Feast in all reverence. Why do you not believe in My mysticism? Why do you not believe that I am allowed to appoint many messengers and messengeresses all over the earth? They are My prophets. And at all times I have appointed prophets. Read the Bible! Read the Old Testament and believe in it! If you reject my messengers, you also reject this my mysticism, although I enter your hearts every day.

My church is finished! You all feel that this church is no longer My church. You, my chief shepherds and priests, you are no longer connected with me. Do you not think that I had to go out of these tabernacles? Do you still not believe in it? How sad it is for Me that you do not believe in My mystery. You do not venerate the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in full strength. I, the heavenly Father, have shown my omnipotence in the whole world through many events, and I will have to allow even more because many believers will be led astray by you. Do not continue to exercise your power!

They call you, My children, sectarians. How sad it is for me that My Only, Holy and Catholic Church is called sectarianism. Yes, you will be dragged before the courts, also here in Göttingen at My place, which was once to become My place of grace.

You, My priests, persecute Me, not My little one. You are bringing the aberration and confusion into My Holy Church. They are not the dividers, you are the dividers, because you continue to reject my mystery, yes, myself. You no longer venerate Me in My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Once you have to give account. How will you be able to stand before me? Once you are asked: "Whom did you obey? Who were you following? To whom have you offered sacrifices?" You are responsible for the many herds that you have led astray.

My shepherds, My chief shepherds, wake up! Wake up at last, for my happenings are at the door! Would you like to see your soul in this confusion and in this great guilt and in these grave sacrileges that you have committed? Do you want to see this soul, in this abomination of sin, of grave sin? I will make this event happen. But before that I still ask: "Turn back!"

I, the great God, the Creator of all things in His omnipotence, the Heavenly Father, address Me to all of you, especially to you in Germany, who have strayed and who have sat in a false theology. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back and come to My Holy Sacrament of Confession. I used it myself. Come to this sacrament and confess your guilt before me! My Son will embrace you and will want to forgive you everything if only you come.

I myself, the Heavenly Father, out of pure gratitude, will also take you into My arms and press you again to My heart as My children, as My lost sons. What a great feast I want to celebrate with you when you repent, because you are all in need of this repentance. I love you and I want to save the whole world, but many will fall into the deepest abyss. Do you also want to be exposed to these evil powers forever? Forever means - eternal!

You My believers, My beloved and chosen ones, I, the Heavenly Father, bless you today in the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I have just sent a white dove to you. This dove is the Spirit of God and you are bound in this spirit. Be loved, be protected, but also be sent. Become strong and brave and pass this last battle! Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! Amen.