Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, August 10, 2008

God the Father speaks through His child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Duderstadt.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Many angels were present during this holy mass of sacrifice. St. Joseph became very bright during the consecration. This should mean that he watches over this chapel, because he is its patron. The Heavenly Father in the Trinity will especially protect this house chapel so that the hostilities that come over this house chapel are kept away. There are few that will stand the test of time. One of these few is this one here in Duderstadt. This is what the Heavenly Father told me during the ecstasy.

The Heavenly Father speaks again: I, the Heavenly Father, speak again today through My willing, humble and obedient instrument Anne. She is all Mine and speaks only My words. Nothing is out of her. I, the Heavenly Father, thank you, My beloved and chosen ones, My little flock whom I have called. I thank you that you have appeared today.

For ten weeks I was not among you, My beloved ones, and you were completely left alone and on your own. You have been allowed to experience other holy sacrificial masses, but none will be like this holy sacrificial mass, because I, the Heavenly Father, am present here. Yes, heaven is present among you through My little tool Anne, who has placed herself entirely at My disposal. She has not only chosen total devotion, but she has transferred her will to me. That is, everything that I wish goes into them. She no longer has a will of her own. Pay close attention to their words and also pay attention to their victims. They are joined and pleasing to God.

Now, My little band, I am among you and I want to make the following known to you: Much has happened in the meantime, everything in the will of the father, in my will. These coincidences were so perfect that nobody could have reached them, i.e. nobody could have predicted them. I, in my omnipotence, have put everything together, and about this omnipotence I want to make many things known to you today.

Much has happened at My place of grace Wigratzbad. No one could predict what would happen there. So many events have taken place that you have experienced me again and again in my omnipotence. I am the Almighty God, the Creator of the whole world, of the whole universe. This God, this Triune God, will add everything.

I, the Heavenly Father, in the great authority of Heaven, speak to you again and again through My little nothing. Everything what I predict for you will happen prophetically. My little one is humiliated to the utmost. Also this is my will. Their whole I, their ego, must go out, so that I, God Almighty, can completely work through them. Much have I permitted and much will I still have to permit, so that the world may recognize: I, the great God, am the one who has chosen this messenger for the salvation of the whole world.

You, My bishops, you, My chief shepherds, have completely failed. You were destined, according to your consecration, to lead my shepherds in such a way that they can always lead the flock. You have not gone after these lost shepherds. On the contrary, you do not even obey the words of the Supreme Shepherd, my representative on earth. You demand obedience from your shepherds. Can you do this if you do not set a good example? No, you can't. You must return to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. You have given so much credit to ecumenism that you are no longer the One, Holy, Catholic Church. I must now publish this in my omnipotence.

My little one would not be able to put these words on the Internet. I watch over them. You cannot harm her, even if you wish to, even if you persecute her, even if you want to chase her away everywhere. It will also continue to proclaim My words in Wigratzbad, because 16 km away from Wigratzbad is My house chapel, which is under My command and not a bishop, not a chief shepherd, but to Me alone, Me, the Heavenly Father. I have kept this chapel pure. It was consecrated one year ago by My holy priestly son. Nothing has happened there so far that would not have corresponded to my will. I have sanctified and guided this family. Many hostilities and mockeries have been made against this family. But they became strong, not weak through these hostilities. They stand in divine strength, and my omnipotence also works there.

Many miracles will happen in the future and you will be able to read from My messengers and messengers how great My omnipotence is on earth, but also how great the power of evil is. You must reject this evil, My chief shepherds. So far you have followed evil. You are no longer in My Catholic Church. Can you believe it? Turn back! Turn back immediately, otherwise you are all lost!

Could My little one give you these words? Would she be capable of that? Would she ever have been able to proclaim these words, which she always puts in the original recording device? She is my weak creature and she remains my nothing. She is humble and she constantly does not fulfill my will not hers. Yes, she still has her own wishes, but these wishes are not fulfilled, because she has transferred her will to me. I will continue to let it grow stronger, for not all the Divine Power is working in it so far. I will let them mature through many failures. You can read it from her as well as your path will be. You too are exposed to many persecutions and mockeries, you, my little flock.

You too, My Mary, whom I have chosen for this My House Chapel, are subject to persecution and mockery. You have to pass these tests. Watch over this house chapel and follow in the smallest My steps which I am giving you through My messenger Anne. Do not deviate from my will and become strong and stronger. These strengths are given to you only from heaven. No human power may be within you. Only heaven must work here in this place of My Holy House Chapel. There I am present every Sunday. With body and soul I am in this tabernacle, because here only My Holy Sacrificial Feast is celebrated in the Tridentine Rite not in the extraordinary, but in the Tridentine Rite, My children. This Tridentine Holy Mass is pleasing to Me and it is not out of order, but in full order. Once it will be celebrated all over the world.

This is My preparation as I lead you and as I also want to lead My Supreme Shepherd through My messenger. Also there, with my chief shepherd, many a thing will still happen, which is in my omnipotence. He too must follow my words, only my words. Masonic powers are at work there in large numbers. Cardinals and bishops in the Curia are not in order. They are led by Masonic evil forces and they have succumbed to them so far. But I, the Heavenly Father, want to re-found My Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, yes My Only Church. Can you understand that? You will never be able to understand and fathom this. It is such a great mystery, which you can never grasp, because I, the great God, will now become effective also in the Vatican.

Many things will happen there that you cannot fathom. But remain strong, my little flock, my chosen ones. Do not deviate one step from my words, from my statements. I give you these instructions, yes, these prophecies. Believe in it! It is entirely Me, the Heavenly Father and this Heavenly Father blesses you now in the Trinity in threefold power with all the angels and saints, especially with My dearest Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Victory. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful to me and follow my instructions, my beloved and small flock. Amen.