Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, September 8, 2008

Feast of the Nativity of Mary.

The Heavenly Father and the Mother of God speak on this feast day in the house chapel in Göttingen after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass through their instrument and child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today, on the feast of the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother is allowed to speak. The Heavenly Father gives them to us and He has sent all His legions of angels, on this feast of the dearest Heavenly Mother, to protect us and to be present today, on this feast and at this Holy Sacrificial Feast. The Heavenly Father desires that on this day the words of His Mother will appear on the Internet in all their beauty.

The Heavenly Father says: My little one, you were allowed to receive all fragrances from Our Lady today for your strengthening, because she is the most beautiful flower. You have not been preferred, but you may proclaim this beauty of fragrances, because they will also be given to others who venerate my mother.

I, as Heavenly Father, speak in this moment and My Heavenly Mother will also speak. I, the Heavenly Father, speak again today through My willing, humble and obedient instrument and child Anne. She is My beloved daughter and no word she speaks is from her.

My beloved ones, My chosen ones, today, on this feast, I will announce to you My dearest Mother in the Trinity of God, she, the most beautiful, the purest, the beauty and grace and loveliness in person. This Heavenly Mother I have chosen for you and given to you. I have not kept it for myself, but it is My gift to you. I can never resist this sweetness, this beauty. She carries all your worries, your needs before My Holy Face and she embellishes your petitions, she embellishes your worries that she brings to Me. In this delicacy I can only hear their pleas when they are in my plan. I cannot fulfill all your wishes if they harm you. Some things are not in My plan, what your wishes contain.

And now this beauty, this lovely woman, this purest of all the pure, speaks to you: My beloved children, I speak to you today as the Mother of God, the Queen of the Rose, the Queen of Victory, the Mother of Beautiful Love, the Queen of Priests, the Mother of the Poor, the Beautiful Lady. In all places of pilgrimage I am venerated with a different name and a different value. Everything is desired by My Heavenly Father in the Trinity. Believe in the words that this little Anne announces. These are words I speak to you, which will lift up your heart. I am the Mother of the Church, and I want you to participate in this purification. It is painful for you, but sacrifice everything for your beloved Jesus Christ, whom I have born.

On this feast, My birth, you have experienced much in divinity. I am the Immaculate Received. Can you measure this? Can you measure how my birth looked like? the Trinity was present in the bright light when I was allowed to see the light of the world. You cannot imagine this happening in such beauty. That is why I must suffer the greatest pain as Mother of the Church. You, My beloved children of Mary, turn to Me. When you follow these traces, My virtues, which I teach you, you are firmly anchored in the Trinity, because the blood of the Son of God flows through My blood. Everything is desired by the Heavenly Father.

After four days you will experience the feast of My name. This is also intended. The four days symbolize the four evangelists who preached the four gospels in all four directions. All are signs of heaven.

At one time I was born with this name 'Mary', but then I became the Mother of God. Do not continue to call me Mary, but Mother of God. Call me in the prayer of the Lady of All Nations: "Who once was Mary. By emphasizing the 'Blessed Virgin', you exclude My God-Motherhood.

But to be allowed to be Mother of God means that My Divine Blood will also flow through your veins if you worship Me as the Mother of God. All beauty is also in your heart when your love for Me becomes great. Deeper and more intimate it shall become. Then I lead you to the Father, to the Father in the Trinity. He loves you with all tenderness, and tenderly He speaks to you who love Him.

How many times He has spoken to you in recent times. Love Him deeper and more intimate. He embraces you daily. He draws you to His heart, to His Divine Heart. And I, as a mother, watch over you. I am chosen to be your mother. You may say everything to me, everything is put before me, because I bring it to the father. Do not go to the Father immediately, but come to me first with your worries. I beautify all that I bring to the Father in your sorrows. You are to read from my virtues, then not only your heart will become beautiful, but also your outer appearance contributes to the fact that these streams of grace continue to radiate on mankind. You too are radiant with this beauty. Other people should feel it that you worship me as God's mother.

Your Mother loves you, your God's Mother loves you Isn't that something really big for you? The Mother of God speaks to you. Trace this, because much will come to you that will frighten you. Then come to your mother. She will comfort you. She will strengthen you in Divine Love. I am the Mother of all graces, the mediator of all graces and that is why I pour out the fullness of this feast today over you, because you celebrate my birth. Commit it solemnly today and leave no moment to receive this fullness of grace, to enjoy it to the full. You will be strengthened and loved. And this love should radiate into your hearts today, especially into your hearts. Your loving hearts should fill this love up to the smallest corner.

I am the mother and queen of priests. This house chapel was also co-designed by the mother of the church. It is the most beautiful chapel. Everything is in the heavenly plan. No house chapel will be like her. Every sacred object radiates divinity. Connect with her again and again by receiving the Holy Sacrificial Feast of My Son. The Trinity is expressed in the Holy Sacrificial Feast: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are always present, because this divinity cannot be separated from each other.

Draw from the fullness and think of My priest sons, how much I love them. How much I want to press them to my heart. I want to bring her to her father and save her. Comfort Me in this pain. You will soon celebrate My name feast and then, after three days, this is the sign of the Trinity, the feast of My Seven Sorrows. Take part in this pain as well. This is intended and conceived. If you are My children of Mary, you also share in My pain. Do not shake off this pain. They are wanted and you suffer from the foundation of the New Church. It will shine, when the plan of the Heavenly Father will be fulfilled. Only He knows when the time has come. Hold out! The Heavenly Father uses you all as His instruments, as His instruments who want to follow Him.

Yes, also He calls me 'His Mother', His Mother in the Trinity. You cannot fathom this. You shall not understand it either. You shall only believe and trust. Trust blindly. Blind trust is what your Father in heaven needs. This is what I want to teach you, because in everything My Fiat preceded. And also this Fiat you shall speak again: "Yes father, yes father, thy will be done, not mine! Then you are united in the Trinity and firmly bound and secure in the love of God. Furthermore, I want to teach you this love, this Divine Love. It should strengthen you again and again on this stony path you are on.

The love of God will drive you forward. You will often be lonely. You will also experience abandonment. Everything is provided. Look at the steps of My Son. You stand in the following of Jesus Christ. You too will be allowed to experience much suffering. Yes, you take part in the suffering of the cross. Isn't this a gift for you? Do not complain about these sufferings, but willingly accept them in the future. You too, my little one, will have to experience this suffering of your heart. This heart disease is intentional. Your body will become weak, but the soul will strengthen. Take it in Divine Love and do not ask how it will go on. Step by step we continue in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Heavenly Father has said to Me that you are always united with My heart, with My mother's heart. I have suffered everything. There is nothing that will resemble My pain. I have suffered it in divine strength. Again and again you too will be strengthened in your pain. You shall not become weak, but strengthen. As a loving and caring mother I am with you, in your hearts and in your midst when you suffer. Come to me first. There you will be comforted and certain that you will remain in Divine Love. Your Heavenly Mother, as Queen, as Mother, as loving Mother with all the choirs of angels, loves you on this feast day.

The Heavenly Father in the Trinity now blesses you with your Heavenly Mother, the Mother of the Church, in Divine Strength, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. My beloved children of Mary, I love you and embrace you today on the feast of My birth. Amen.