Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house church in Göttingen through His instrument Anne.


St. Archangel Michael was present. He said to us that this month of September is the month of the guardian angels. More and more angels will be present at the altar to protect us and also to strengthen us, because we are in the greatest fight of Satan. This struggle is also taking place around us. Padre Pio was there. He said: I am also the patron saint of priests. I will intercede at the throne of God for these priests who now continue to disobey the Heavenly Father, for otherwise they would all be lost, whom I see standing at the abyss, for He has greater power in heaven than on earth to save these priests from this eternal abyss and to ask for them, for the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

The Blessed Mother was bathed in a light blue light. And it was providential that I am dressed in this color today. This was also her wish. She wanted to be the mother of the church in this octave. In this octave she would like to ask the Heavenly Father to intervene now. For she, as the Mother of the Church, can no longer bear this, this heavy suffering, which she sees as the Mother of the Church. She also suffers in her Marian children.

The Heavenly Father now speaks: I, the Heavenly Father, speak again today through my willing, humble and obedient child and instrument Anne. She lies in my full truth and speaks only words that come from me. I have chosen her as My tool at My disposal and My full truth is crying out into the world through My technical device, the Internet, which I use for My concerns.

My child Anne, you promised to be completely at My disposal and also to give Me your full Yes, even if I ask the most difficult of you. And it is the hardest thing I ask of you at the moment. I wish you to continue to tell Me your full Yes Father. You are still unsure whether this impossible, which is impossible for you as a human being, will come to bear in My Internet. I, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity and in omnipotence, wish that this event must come.

You are the harbinger and the messenger for Germany. You did not know what was coming to you, I have chosen you and now I wish that you announce my full truth. Do not continue to struggle, but let yourself fall into my will. Also today I have taken away a little more of your strength. Your severe heart condition is now becoming more and more apparent. You feel that you are losing your strength. But it is my desire and you are in my plan. Will you want to carry this for Me in full strength, even if I take more and more of your strength away from you and use My Divine Power for it?

Yes father, I want to try. I am still not quite firm. Give me Your strength and a deeper trust in Your omnipotence and then protect me when Your truth comes to bear. Human fears still beset me. Lord, help my unbelief and use your deep love for it, which reaches deeper and radiates this love in my heart completely.

The Heavenly Father continues: My beloved child, have I ever abandoned you in My messages, not yours? I am the ruler over these messages which I give through your mouth. You will be attacked, but the greatest protection is Me. And all the angels will protect you and you, for My full truth must be told.

Today is the anniversary of this World Trade Center event. This was My permission that then, on September 11, the day before the feast of My mother's name, this event had to come. It was My sign, for no one can come out greater than I, God Almighty. Towers have been built to become ever greater in human power, and I, God Almighty, have been ignored that I can make everything collapse in one day. This has happened, and today is the anniversary day.

Believe in My omnipotence, My bishops! My representative on earth, surrender yourself completely to Me! Everything that comes to you is in my will. Practice the total surrender that you have not yet given me completely. Let yourself go. What happens is in my will. Even if life is taken from you, it is in my will and my plan.

My daughter Maria (S.) has not practiced total devotion until now. It does not let itself fall into my will. It is all in My plan whether I give you the healing or whether I take your life. Surrender yourself completely to my will and have no fear to let yourself fall completely. My beloved daughter, you have promised Me to be there as the soul of atonement. This is what I still wish from you today. And so I also wish you to keep this promise. I will support you, and I will never demand more from you than you can carry. You only have this unwillingness and these difficulties if you do not practice total surrender. Then what I want can happen. Give everything and practice this inscriptio: "It doesn't matter, dear father, what you let come. Everything is in your will and everything I give you, what comes. It is not my illness that is in the center, but your will. You can let me heal from one day to the next, and you can also take me into your kingdom, even today, if it is in your plan". Beloved daughter, such is the total surrender to Me.

In My omnipotence is all that is to come. You, My bishops, how long I fight for you, how long have I been fighting for you. But you obey me in no way. You are standing at the abyss and you are only led by masonic powers. You obey these freemasons and you become freemasons. Where am I, the Heavenly Father? To whom have you vowed obedience? Who? Me or the Masons? You are facing this decision. Not My messenger has this from herself and cannot say it from herself. I, the Heavenly Father, make serious in My omnipotence. You are all standing at the precipice. Do you want to be lost forever? Can you ever imagine this 'eternity'? To never see me again and lose the kingdom of God? Turn around and steer this little ship with My deputy! Make a U-turn! It does not run in my direction. Take the wheel in your hand and get it back on track. It is the greatest struggle ever fought in My Church.

Therefore I had to take this, her will, from My messenger, because she would not have been willing to proclaim these words. There is fear and tribulation in her, for she is a weak creature. But when I speak in my omnipotence, I grant it to her to lose all fear. Believe in My happenings! Wake up!

The time of My coming in the Trinity of the Son and My Heavenly Mother, who took the Scepter in her hand, will come to pass. Can you stand when this event comes? Can you stand before yourselves? No, you can't. You are in the gravest of sins, and if you must give your life at this moment, you will fall into the eternal abyss.

Come back! There is still time! Nor does the Mother of the Church ask My Heavenly Mother and implore My throne for your conversion. Turn back and convert! She says, "My priests, I am the Mother, your Mother, your Queen, I want to bring you to My Son, and still you refuse to do so. How hard it is for me, as Mother of the Church, to make you understand!

You have become stubborn and have your own will and obey the Masons. Don't you recognize it? Do you still not recognize that the Heavenly Omnipotence can control everything and has everything in its hand, that you have nothing in your hand? You are led by satanic powers. Satan has taken the scepter in you. You obey him and not me. Turn back! can you resist My dearest, My most beautiful Mother, the Mother of priests, the Mother of the Church, can you resist her, her beauty, her sweetness and her supplication? With tears she begs you. Shed blood tears for you. Why don't you look at them with the gaze of the sky? Believes in the supernatural. You live in the world and live with the world. The supernature holds you when you turn back. But right now the world holds you. You are dedicated to the world, i.e., dedicated to Satan.

And now I want to bless you all on this day and protect you and prepare you for the feast of the name of My Mother, for this wonderful name of Mary. She once was, and now she has become 'Mother of God' and wants to be venerated as the Mother of God. She gave birth to the Son of God. Once she was Mary, now she is Mother of God and wants to steer the little boat. She takes you in her arms and leads you all to me. Through them all suffering, but also all joy goes.

And so I bless you, My beloved ones, in the Trinity, in the Will of the Heavenly Father, in Love, in Divine Power and Strength with your dearest Mother, all the angels and saints, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear Mary, dear with the child, give us all Your blessing. Amen.