Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, September 12, 2008

Feast of Mary Name.

The Heavenly Father speaks in the Atonement Night in Heroldsbach at about 24.00 o'clock through His tool Anne.


A huge crowd of angels hovered over the monstrance at the altar. They wanted to show me that Jesus is present. We are to worship him and connect with him. He showed Himself with His dearest Heavenly Mother at this, her name festival.

The Heavenly Father also speaks to us today: My beloved little flock, My chosen ones, again I speak through My obedient, willing and humble instrument Anne. She is all Mine and speaks only My words. Nothing is out of her.

My beloved pilgrims, today, on the feast of the name of your beloved and most tender Heavenly Mother, I want to continue to prepare you for the approaching time of My coming. My beloved mother wants to gather her humble children closer around her. She wants to press everyone to her motherly heart. Be obedient because she wants to lead you to her Son and finally to My throne. How lovely she looks at the moment. I cannot refuse her a request. She beautifies everything before she presents your petitions to me. How can a Heavenly Mother not suffer when the nave is directed in the wrong direction. As the Mother of the Church, she has the task of saving people and, in divine love, of encouraging them to repent.

My beloved children, this loving and caring mother is My gift to you. If you are not guided, you may miss this path, for the wicked man wields great power. He is cunning, and you will not feel it if he wants to slowly lead you off the safe path.

I, your Father, want to spread My full protection over you. Through many sacrifices you shall prove your steadfastness. Do not be like a wavering pipe that will not survive the next storm. Temptations lurk from all sides, which I allow to strengthen you. I am the loving father and I want to let my children mature into stable personalities. Your Heavenly Father knows about your weak will and fear of man. Now you can prove to me how deep and intimate your love has grown. Even though you are not yet stable, I watch over you when the wicked one wants to press you.

The tabernacles of the modernist churches are empty and Satan has made his entrance there. I, your father, want to protect you from this so that you do not have to experience this chaos. How much can a Holy Mass of Sacrifice strengthen you. My chief shepherds continue to close their church doors so that this holiness does not hinder them on their way to power. My priests who are on the path of holiness are mocked and persecuted and called sectarians. They decided to take the steep path to Golgotha. I will inflame their hearts with My love stream.

Now Freemasons rule My Church. They have raised my chief shepherds and shepherds to be antichrists. After the Second Vatican Council, the smoke of Satan entered My temples. More and more the Most Blessed Sacrament of My Son's altar has been disgraced, indeed I have been cast out. For years they have led my believers astray so that they now remain in this confusion. How much My Mother struggles with Her children of Mary for these lost souls.

Everything seems hopeless for you, My children. Now look at me and believe more deeply in my messages. They introduce you step by step into My truths and prophecies. You get a deeper insight and a radiant power emanates from you, which has an effect on other people. The Holy Spirit will inspire you and words of love and conviction will flow out of you.

Be examples, My faithful ones, and bring Me many great sacrifices. I will make everything fruitful and you, my little flock, will change the world. The angels will accompany and strengthen you. Do not give up, but become constant! My blessing will accompany you. Be blessed in love and divine strength in the Trinity with My Heavenly Mother and all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.