Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, September 15, 2008

Feast of Mary Seven Pains.

The Heavenly Father and the Mother of God speak through their child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen


Today we celebrate the Feast of the Seven Pains of Mary. I was allowed to look at the Blessed Mother dressed all in light blue. The angels around her also had light blue dresses on and on their heads light blue wreaths with white pearls. They floated from outside into the room onto the altar and around the tabernacle. The Heavenly Father speaks for a moment and introduces us to His Heavenly Mother, who will speak today.

The Heavenly Father now says: My beloved and chosen children, My beloved children of Mary, I speak today through My humble, willing and obedient child Anne to this feast of your Heavenly Mother and also of My Heavenly Mother. It is her feast and it is My desire and plan that she herself should speak to you, My beloved children and children of Mary, today.

Our Lady now says: I, your Heavenly Mother, speak to you today, on this feast where My Heart is pierced seven times. My little one has seen the seven swords that were in My heart. She was deeply and painfully touched by them.

My beloved children of Mary, your hearts will not only be touched, but they will also share in the suffering of the cross of My Son Jesus Christ. I have preceded you in pain as Heavenly Mother. I suffer the greatest pain today for My sons of priests who do not want to obey My Son, who mock Him and nail Him to the cross anew. I, as a mother, knew from the beginning, when I spoke the Fiat, what suffering would come to me. I have experienced My Son in the greatest pain of the Way of the Cross. But I have also experienced the senselessness, this mockery of people, which is happening today to the highest degree. All suffering I have foreseen, I, as the mother of pain. Do not you, My children of Mary, want to share in this pain, the pain of love?

Your hearts will also suffer in this church, in this destroyed church. It lies in the greatest decay. Do you not believe that I, as Heavenly Mother, must suffer especially on this feast today as Mother of the Church? How many priests have fallen away from the faith. How many priests no longer celebrate My feast, yes, they reject Me and mock Me. They cannot even pray My Rosary anymore. You can't even pick it up. They mock My Son. They do not even worship Him in the Blessed Sacrament any more. Which pain must I suffer again today?

My Son sends Me again and again in the greatest pain to this earth to make people aware of the suffering they inflict on Him. Wonders happen on earth, and through me the greatest miracles happen. Then why do they still reject My Son? I, as Heavenly Mother, may appear in many places. These are the greatest wonders. I cry tears and tears of blood, but in spite of everything I am rejected. They mock this miracle and the greatest miracles. How painful My heart is over this, because through these miracles many should be saved, especially many priests. You should become aware that I am allowed to show in these statues to humanity that I, as Mother of the Church, suffer for the Church of today.

How much do I suffer this pain at the pilgrimage places Heroldsbach and Wigratzbad, as Queen of the Rose in Heroldsbach and as Mother and Queen of Victory in Wigratzbad. How much they reject me there and mock me, because I too am involved in the messengers that the Son sends you, I, as Mother of the Church. I protect these messengers and I love them because they proclaim the words and truths of My Son and because they even sacrifice themselves for mankind to save them. These messengers bring the greatest sacrifices because they are chosen by My Son to proclaim His truths to save the Church. It lies in the worst birth pangs. This is why My Son wants to found the New Church, which He has already founded in some house churches, but they mock you, they blaspheme you, they reject you, they enemy you, because in you Christ is born anew. They reject Him today also in you.

In all places where My messengers appear, they will have to go. As I once had to flee in Bethlehem with My Son in the night, so you too must flee in the places where this Holy Sacrificial Feast of My Son is celebrated. I say emphatically: This holy sacrificial meal, not the meal community. She is mockery of My Son. This can only be understood in Protestantism and the ecumenism that followed. It is not the Church of My Son. It is not the only, holy, catholic and apostolic church. There is nothing more to be seen of this Catholic Church. Everything is Protestant. Nothing is sacred.

Is that why My Son did not have to go out of these churches? Was this not necessary, since this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not celebrated, since My priests are no longer willing to distribute My Son and allow kneeling oral communion? How much ridicule does this involve. The laity distribute the body, the body of My Son. What does this include for My Son? He could not bear it. The Heavenly Father had to make sure that Jesus Christ had to move away from these altars. This suffering became too much for Me and the Heavenly Father.

Repent, sacrifice and pray for these priests, especially for the priests of the Curia and for the Superior Pastors who caused this suffering through the Vatican Council II. The bishops have allowed it. They have changed everything. They have given themselves to Freemasonry and they follow these Masons and obey their laws. Have they ever thought of My Son Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Father in the Trinity? No, more and more He is mocked and blasphemed. The Freemasons have moved in, and in the satanic powers they become effective. How much evil is happening all over the world through these freemasons. How much my heart, the mother's heart, is pierced anew. Satan has moved into these already 'Protestant' churches, where meal fellowship is held. Do you believe that My Son can be present in these tabernacles?

Follow the steps of the Heavenly Father, you, My children of Mary. Think about what is happening. Do you also want to obey Satan or do you want to obey Me, the heavenly Mother, who leads you to her Son, in the end to the heavenly Father, do you want to practice My virtues to get there, into eternal glory? Do you want to continue falling into the deep abyss. It is eternal. You will never be allowed to see God's glory, Him face to face, because you will be judged and thrown down into eternal damnation.

I, as Mother of the Church, call you again and again and again: "Turn back! I am the Mother of the Church and I want to lead you back to My Son, to the Heavenly Father. He desires that you fulfill His plan and not your plan and the plan of the Freemasons. There is still a little time left, then the time of the Heavenly Father has come, for He will take the great event seriously. And I, as Mother of Sorrows, will ask for this event with My Son, who must also experience the greatest agonies at the altars from heaven. What happens there cannot be in His sense.

The believers go astray and they do not wake up. They are in the sleep of death and also do not want to be awakened by me, the heavenly mother. No, they despise Me, for in Protestantism it lies that I am not the Mother of God, but still Mary, i.e. I did not give birth to the Son of God. Do you not feel, My children, what this means? One rejects God, Jesus Christ in the Trinity. He was not born at all through Me as a mother, no, I am still the Mary whom they worship, but never as the Bearer of God and as your mother and as the Mother of the Church.

I call you, turn back and wake up, because the time is near, which the Heavenly Father determines. Only He alone will indicate this time. I love you, My children, and today I press you to My heart because I suffer with you even though you participate in the sufferings of the cross, in the pains. The Heavenly Father in the Trinity would now like to bless you and I, as the Heavenly Mother, am allowed to do this today in a very special way with the Divine Power, with all the angels and saints, with all of heaven, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be blessed and be chosen as My children of Mary to walk this path. Amen.