Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, October 3, 2008

Feast of St. Theresa.

Jesus Christ speaks during the visit to Maria S. in Würgassen through His instrument Anne.


Jesus Christ speaks now: I, Jesus Christ, speak today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne to My dying child Mary. Dearest Mary, My child, My daughter, I have promised to bring you home to eternal glory. I will come to fetch you and stand by your bed.

I want to reward you for all you have done here on earth. In the eternal dwellings you will be allowed to see my glory forever. The angels will accompany you on this path. Above all, I send you My dearest Mother who will come to fetch you. She is already waiting for you at the gate of heaven. Not for long, then you will take that last breath. The last breath belongs to Me, My daughter. You are mine forever. I have promised you and thank you again for the love you have shown me with your husband.

I have prepared you for eternal bliss. She is much, much more beautiful than you can imagine. You are ready, and you will be mine forever. How beautiful is your eternal life there, how beautiful, My children. You may still wait, but you too will be prepared for the eternal sights of heaven.

I have stretched out My arms, I have taken them down from the Cross and I embrace My beloved daughter. She has it easy, when she falls into my arms, then she feels safe. She takes leave of the earthly life. She has made many sacrifices to Me for the salvation of many souls, who will come to collect her at the Gate of Heaven and thank her.

My beloved ones, you who are allowed to look death in the eye here, look at My cross, look at Me. I am the Savior and the Healer of your souls. When I let my light stream into your hearts, then it becomes bright and supernatural. The earth still holds you. On earth is agony and the way is stony but you will go this way because I accompany you and because you have agreed to want to go this way in my succession. For this I thank you. Still leads many souls into my eternity. That is your task, which keeps you on the earthly world. But bliss awaits you too.

I would now like to bless, love and protect My beloved daughter Mary. I await you, beloved daughter. You are mine forever. Your dearest Jesus, to whom you proved so much on earth that you love Him, blesses you in the Trinity, with your dearest Rosa Mystica, with your dearest Rosa Queen of Heroldsbach, with the angels, with your beloved Padre Pio, he too will accompany you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon, My beloved daughter, then you will be with Me forever. Amen.

Jesus was brightly illuminated while praying the rosary on the cross. Above all, His crown of thorns and also His wounds became dark red. Blood flowed down from His hands and feet on the cross, and later also from His side. An angel, I think it was the Angel of Olives, held the chalice under His side wound and blood dripped into it, His precious blood. The mother of Jesus stood under the cross and wept bitterly because Jesus died for so many souls who did not expect him. And this longing of the Savior always remains. They are His creatures and He waits for all and must renounce many who do not show Him this obedience.

Dearest mother, your daughter Maria comforts you. You cried so many tears. She saw your tears. Take her also in your arms and accompany her on this way, then it will be easier for her.

Now the holy archangel Michael has been added. He wears a golden robe and today has snow-white wings. He now keeps all evil away from Mary. She has received the sanctifying grace, the wedding gift, he said, and she will be allowed to enter heaven without blemish. He says: Thank you also for this grace that you are allowed to experience this. It is a great gift to be prepared like this daughter Mary, whom the Savior loves so much. The Heavenly Mother thanks for the many rosaries that always slipped through her hands. They are the ladder to heaven. And on these rosaries she will pull them up and accompany them.

Thank you, dearest Mary, thank you Mrs. S. for all your love you have shown to the Savior and to us. We will always think of you and we will be able to call you, the Savior said. Help us to save many more priest souls. That was always your wish. This should be a legacy for us here on earth, that we too are strong in prayer and to draw many priest souls, who would otherwise be lost, to heaven with this rosary. Help us, beloved Mrs. S. Deeply we were united with you in prayer. And nobody can take this memory away from us. It is the supernatural life and this should be in front of our eyes again and again. When it becomes difficult for us here on earth to say goodbye, we want to look at the supernatural and nothing can separate us from it. Everything is transitory, only heaven is eternal and everlasting. The Alpha and the Omega are You, Heavenly Father. Here is your daughter. Pick them up. She is ready for you. You love them and you bless them on this way. Amen.