Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Our Lady speaks through her child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today the sky had opened a little bit and many angels came out and floated to the altar. They had light blue rosaries in their hands. They showed us the rosaries by raising their right hand and wanted to give us these blue rosaries. The archangels had white rosaries in their hands. They also floated over and gave us these rosaries in our hands.

The Blessed Mother was very brightly illuminated during the entire Holy Sacrificial Mass. The holy archangel Michael struck again his sword in all four directions. The cross was brightly illuminated. From the body of Jesus, golden rays emanated especially from his five wounds. The Heavenly Father was also brightly illuminated. St. Joseph as well. Around the altar during the transformation angels praying again were grouped. The Heavenly Father wants the Blessed Mother to speak today.

Our Lady now says: I, the Heavenly Mother, the Mother of the Holy Rosary, speak to you today, My beloved children, on behalf of the Heavenly Father. I speak again through the willing, obedient and humble instrument of the Heavenly Father, the daughter of the Father, Anne.

My beloved children, today I want to teach you once again to take this rosary into your hands again and again. Let the pearls slip through your hands, for they lead you to the light. How often it is dark around you, but where you raise the rosary, your hearts are also brightly illuminated. The Heavenly Father and I rejoice in every Rosary that you pray. I offer these rosaries to the Heavenly Father.

My beloved children, My Rosary Prayers, I may form you in this way. I am allowed to teach you all virtues, which I have practiced during my whole life on earth. You are afflicted with original sin. I, the most pure and immaculate Virgin and Mother of God, Mary, will lead you to purity, to the purity of your heart. I am not only the mother of beautiful love, but also purity. Purity will penetrate your hearts, so that nothing evil can afflict you, for the evil one is like a roaring lion in these times. He still wants to devour everything. You too are temptable. Again and again I send down to you the angels to protect you from evil, to enlighten your hearts, so that you can penetrate deeper into the mystery of Jesus Christ, My Son.

How much you delight Him when you let the love flow deeper into your hearts. Love, Divine Love, outlasts everything. It does everything in your hearts. Without this love you have no radiation, because other people should also feel this love through you, through your prayer, through your atonement and through your sacrifices. Offer many sacrifices to the Heavenly Father. All will become fruitful, especially for these stray shepherds.

My son always shows me His longing. And this longing for these chief shepherds also penetrates deeply into my heart because I feel great longing for them as mother of the church. I, too, wish that these chief shepherds will come to repentance. I want to bring them back to My Son, ultimately to the Heavenly Father and offer their hearts to Him, their converted hearts. What a deep darkness is there around her. A great wall hinders them on the way to My Son Jesus Christ. There is a great wall between them, for they lie in abyss of grave sin, in grave sacrilege. They are far off and separated from My Divine Son. How many tears of blood I have been allowed to shed for them, because my tears of blood also want to move the Heavenly Father, that He enlightens these hearts, and that He moves them to repentance.

But I know as Heavenly Mother that they have all been given a free will, and this free will is not touched by the Heavenly Father. Sadly, I sometimes have to go out of these hearts as their mother, because I want to move them to go to My Son and receive the Sacrament of Penance in deep repentance to be delivered from their grave sins. How long have they been standing at the abyss, at the eternal abyss, and only a small push and they fall forever and ever into this hell, into this eternal fire. Never again will they be allowed to see the light of My Son and see this glory. They will then be damned for all eternity. How hard it is for heaven, for the Triune God, if they do not repent and stubbornly persist in their will. The Heavenly Plan is important. It wants to be fulfilled, because from eternity the Heavenly Father has devised this plan for each individual, for each individual priest and chief shepherd.

The divinity shall radiate from them and they shall again become father of priests. They have a great responsibility and this responsibility should urge them to return to this deep faith they once lived and to want to be there for all people and to forget themselves. No, their wish and their will is more important to them. They want to play out their power. How little humility enters their hearts. Pride has such a power and Satan is constantly penetrating deeper into their hearts and I stand there and have to watch how they stray more and more and how confusion is already threatening them.

Dearest Chief Shepherds, turn back! Look at the cross of My Son! Did not My Son sacrifice Himself for you too? Why can't you finally accept His Holy Sacrificial Feast and celebrate it yourselves, that you move again to Jesus Christ, that you worship Him and that He lets Himself be transformed in your hands? What a great gift for you! Once you were the Good Shepherds and now none of you can read what the truth really is.

This truth, which I speak through my messengers, you reject. You are hostile to them, you mock them, without ever having a conscience. Like many saints who have been in My glory for decades, these saints you have persecuted. You have mocked them and made heavy sacrifices. Many years after her death you canonized her on earth. How many years have they been in My glory, the saints. They have made the hardest sacrifices for you as an example and you have not recognized it until today. You reject all messengers who announce my words, when you know exactly that they lie in my truth. You condemn them unseen. They shall go away as if they were possessed with a thousand demons.

Our hearts weep for you in such agony. We are constantly waiting for your repentance. Can you ever imagine how heaven aches when after all these many messages and My truths you still do not want to turn back, that still your pride prevents you from wanting to recognize the truth and to follow it?

Your Heavenly Mother asks you, turn back! Turn back to My Son! Turn back to the Trinity! Adore the Blessed Sacrament of My Son again and again in the Holy Sacrificial Masses. He is present in these tabernacles, because it is on these altars that the Holy Sacrificial Feast is celebrated with the greatest reverence. Look at this holy sacrificial meal and you can repent. You will weep for your guilt, but after a Holy Confession I will take you in My arms like a prodigal son and will stand before you in gratitude, because My longing will increase for you the more you reject My words.

My beloved children, today, on My great feast, I must experience so much bitterness, but you are in the truth. I want to thank you for the many rosaries and for the words that you, My little one, speak into the world. You do not want to have human fears to proclaim them. The Heavenly Father will continue to stand by you.

You love Us and you prove to Us that you really love Us, and I will always settle down among you. There is holiness there, there I may move your hearts in love and in faithfulness and in the deepest intimacy of prayer, the prayer of the Rosary. He is the ladder to heaven that leads you to heaven, and you will draw many people after you for whom you pray and atone.

The Heavenly Mother now blesses you in the Trinity, in the love of God, in goodness, meekness, faithfulness. Be protected, loved and especially sent out to my pilgrimage places Heroldsbach and Wigratzbad. Your Heavenly Mother blesses you, especially your beloved Padre Pio, all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Obey the words of heaven! Be faithful and watchful! Amen.