Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feast of the maternity of Mary.

Our Lady speaks through her child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today, on the Feast of the Mother of Mary, the Mother of God was flooded with the colors dark red, gold and orange. In addition, the rosary became snow white and the cord dark red. The holy archangel Michael struck his sword again in all four directions. A flock of angels was at the altar of Mary. St. Padre Pio glowed dark red. The Child Jesus before the Mother of God raised His hands and blessed us. The Heavenly Father was flooded with gold and red. I have seen His Divine Heart glow dark red. The Heavenly Father wishes that the Heavenly Mother speaks to us today at her feast.

Now, at this moment, Our Lady says: I, the Heavenly Mother of Jesus Christ, speak today, at this great feast, through the willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She is also My daughter and she speaks words of heaven. Nothing is out of her. She has given her will to the Heavenly Father in the Trinity. My beloved children, I may speak to you today as Mother of the Redeemer, as Mother of the Church, as Mother of the whole world and as your Heavenly Mother who caringly accompanies you on this last way.

My children, how painful it hurts me when I am called 'Mary'. Mary was I once, but I gave birth to the Son of God. I am the Mother of God, the Mother of the Redeemer and the Mother of the whole Church. I have repeated this again, because the many denominations call me 'Mary', and even many, many Catholic Christians call me only 'Mary'. They do not recognize my maternity by this. I was chosen by the highest God to be the Mother of His Son, to receive Him from the Holy Spirit and to give birth to Him, as the Immaculate Mother of God, as the Immaculate Mary, whom I once was. Now I am the Mother of God, the Mother of the whole world.

And as a mother I want to teach you again and again these virtues so that you also find your way to My Son, finally to the Heavenly Father. Without my motherhood I would not be allowed to accompany you on this path, and in you it would be empty, because I was chosen to be allowed to lead you to the heavenly Father.

I stood under the cross, and I lead you also under the cross. You too will be allowed to carry heavy loads. My Son asks Me to carry your sufferings and to help you to bear these sufferings. You are the children of men and you are addicted to sin. But I am the Immaculate Received.

How many sects do not even recognize me as Mother of God, as Mother of the Redeemer. Among them is also the Protestant religious community. It is not a church. I am there just 'Maria'. This hurts me very much. It is not about Me, My children, it is about election. And I lead you to this election because you are chosen as children of Mary. You have not appointed yourselves to this. I have asked the Heavenly Father to choose you individually as Mary's children and He has said this willing "yes" to me so that I can lead you, so that you do not go astray. I may keep everything from you. I may place the angels at your side. I may ask them down for you. With all your worries, needs and sicknesses I go to the Heavenly Father and ask Him to make them bearable for you.

Can you imagine that I may be among you, I, the Heavenly Mother? I suffer with you. Again and again I am with you and let the Divine Love radiate into your hearts, because without this Divine Love you would be nothing. This love should go deeper into you, so that you can develop a great trust in the Triune God. Without this deep trust, you will not be able to survive the last time.

How many have already fallen away and no longer obey the Heavenly Father. They obey these bishops, these masonic bishops, who are antichrists. How will they appear once before the throne of God, and how will they confess their guilt there? Do they not bear responsibility for themselves and for many?

I, too, as Mother, as Our Lady, have knocked on the doors of their hearts so that they may wake up, for I want to lead them all to the Heavenly Father. They have also expressed this "no" to me as their mother, as their mother. They rejected me and they rejected my tears, which I also cried for them. They said it is not the truth. It is to be fathomed in human discretion. No, My children, what the supernature means cannot be explained in human terms.

My little one may see a part of the supernature, only a part and this only to tell you how immense heaven is, how important is Eternal Life, how precious your life is only if you believe in the Trinity and in Me, the Heavenly Mother. Only then will your life become valuable.

Therefore I beg you, never say 'Mary' again, but Mother of God or Mother of God. That is I and that remains I for all eternity. I bless you today on this great feast in the Trinity of God, with St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio, all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful to heaven! He is waiting for your promise, for your trust, for your love and for your constant "Yes Father". Amen.

To be praised and glorified without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen. Mary with the child, dear, give us all Your blessing. Amen.