Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Heavenly Father speaks through His child Anne on the Night of Atonement in Heroldsbach at about 24.10 o'clock.


A very large crowd of white angels hovered around the monstrance kneeling and worshipping, for Jesus Christ had entered shortly before.

The Heavenly Father now says: My beloved children and pilgrims, I speak through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne, who only proclaims My words and receives them. How grateful I am to you that you have borne the many troubles and burdens to hurry to My pilgrimage place Heroldsbach. How much I will give you already here on earth. I have granted you a holy sacrificial mass through My holy priestly son. How much has I, the highest God in the Trinity, enjoyed your availability because you want to fulfill My plan. My Mother will help you in this. She loves you as her children of Mary because she wants to lead you all to My Father Heart. There you will once be allowed to experience the eternal joys forever and ever.

You have been allowed to experience a part of your eternal bliss through My beloved daughter Mary S., who dwelt in My eternal glory. I have let you, my beloved ones, declare the homecoming to me, because I want to take away the fear of death from you. How much would you rejoice if you were allowed to experience only a part of eternity. You would forget all the hardships of earthly life. Your life is a preparation for the eternal dwellings. There you will experience happiness forever. All diseases and all complaints will then come to an end.

How often I admonish you through My beloved daughter when you take the easy ways. Sadly, My mother then looks at Me and weeps for you and your transgressions. Here on earth she wants to shape you so that you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven immediately. She suffers with you when you carry worries.

My beloved children, do not be confused in the greatest fight of Satan. He is the father of the lie and the confuser. Call on your patron saints and angels to stand by your side. In the Divine Power you will pass the battle. Let the Divine Love flow into you, for your trust shall become deeper and more constant. Think about who you trust. Connect everything with the Holy Spirit, because the evil one wants to devour your souls as well. Go often to My Sacrament of Penance so that My Holy Blood may flow. One drop of blood can erase all sins in an instant. I myself am present in the holy sacraments instituted by Me. They heal your souls.

My children, how great is My love for you If only I could set your hearts on fire and if your heart doors would willingly be opened by you. My firebrand of love always burns. Go to My mother. She has only the one desire to lead you to my Father's heart.

In this night of atonement I accept your sacrifices, because I want to save many priest souls. Every atonement night is a precious gift. I immerse you in My love. Continue to pray, sacrifice and atone, for the time of the coming of My Son and the Heavenly Mother is drawing near. Do not abandon your main task of wanting to save souls. Be blessed now in the love of your Divine Father in the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be strong and do not leave your stony path. Remain in eternal fidelity. Love will outlast everything. Amen.