Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Blessed Mother speaks in the hollow in Heroldsbach through Her child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Dearest Mother mine, you Rose Queen of Heroldsbach (Rose Queen of Heroldsbach), I beg you to speak today as you have promised us.

Our Lady says: You, My beloved children, you, My most beloved Mary's children, you chosen ones, today I speak to you, because the Heavenly Father has instructed Me to lead you here, to Me, to this sacred hollow, as it is called. Here I have appeared, in this place. Many people have been here and have needed My help, and you too need this help at this moment. For this reason I have called you here, as it is written in the wish of the Heavenly Father.

My beloved children, how much I need your comfort, how much. As you know, the Church, the Church of My Son, has fallen into such great disorder that it can no longer support itself. Therefore, my children, I beg you, console Him, the Savior Jesus Christ in His greatest need.

My children, My children of Mary, My beloved ones, you are in the greatest fight of Satan with Me as My children. I want to protect you in this greatest struggle, and continue to stand by you in your concerns. I am your mother, your beloved mama, as you may call me in this trouble.

How much distress I have experienced in your hearts and how many tears I have wept for your children. Give it to Me! I beg you earnestly, for this message is to go out into the world. I guide your children, I, the Heavenly Mother, who can guide them in the Heavenly Plan, not in your plan, not according to your wishes, not in your time, but in the Heavenly Father's schedule. Believe and trust! Above all, be patient and become strong, for you are to lead others. You are the called, the chosen ones. Do you understand what this means for you as My children of Mary? You are to suffer, endure, endure everything. Have I not suffered the greatest pain under the cross? Has not My Son, the Son of God whom I gave birth to, caused Me the greatest pain?

I, as Heavenly Mother, have gone ahead in suffering and pain. And you also suffer these pains for the Church of My Son, which is in the purification, in the greatest purification that ever has been and ever will be. Believe that it will be a glorious church, which is now in its greatest birth pangs. I, as Mother of the Church, am responsible from the Heavenly Father for the whole world. I will appear and will be allowed to trample with you the head of the snake that is still raging. With you, My beloved ones, I will pass the fight.

At the moment you are suffering very much. I know about your needs, about your diseases, about your worries for the children and for the family. Daily consecrate to Me all your dear ones. I will shape them. I will love them and I will bring them to the Triune God, the Heavenly Father. I beg day and night at the throne of the Heavenly Father because of your worries, your fears. Have no fear, My children. The time of My Son has come. The Heavenly Father has told her to Me and she will be there very soon. Pass this fight and persevere and do not remain in doubt. If doubts arise, hand them over to me. I will wipe them away, because I love you. I want to warm your hearts. I want to let them shine to the flame of love. For this I need you to persevere and let love flow in more deeply from me, your dearest mama. Only in your suffering will you grow stronger. Only then will you become mature personalities who grow in love, in Divine love, not in human love. Divine love is different. It is durable and strong.

You shall grow stronger, and your hearts will trust more deeply and mature more deeply, because only in a deep trust in these messages of the Heavenly Father will you be guided. There is the full truth, which my heavenly father announces to you. Believe and trust deeper! You are in charge. You are not there for you, no, for all who do not want to believe, who are to receive knowledge through your prayer, above all through your perseverance. Your beloved mama loves you.

Now I say goodbye to you. Your dearest mom is crying for your children. But I will form them, and the dearest child Jesus, who is blessing you now at this moment, guides you, loves you and blesses you. It suffers bitter agony here in this place.

And now bless you your dearest Mother, your Mama, your Heavenly Queen, your Rosary Queen of Heroldsbach, your Rosary Queen of Gestratz. This new place is sanctified by Me. If many persevere, then it will become a wonder of the world and become a wonder of the world. Miracles will happen there and people will rush there, guided by the Internet.

Dearest Mom, bless us now, guide us in the truth and let us become strong in Divine Love.

Mama now blesses: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady says: Only in love you will become strong. Live love and then become ripe for eternal bliss. Amen.

All pray: Virgin Mother of God mine, let me be completely yours.

After a short time the sky opened above us and the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach appears to Anne all in white with golden stars on her mantle and with a golden crown, a blue rosary in her hand, which she holds out to all of us. This phenomenon lasted about five minutes. At the farewell, she blessed them all and waved to us smiling. Afterwards she floated up into the sky.