Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Heavenly Father speaks serious words after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in Duderstadt through His child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Many rays emanated from the face of the Good Shepherd above the altar. The sheep on His arm turned dark red and the two sheep on the right and left turned white. All the saint figures were also brightly illuminated. During the Holy Mass, angels came in great flocks to give us protection in this sacred space.

The Heavenly Father says: My beloved and chosen ones, today I, your beloved Heavenly Father, speak through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She lies in My truth and speaks only words that come from Me. Yes, My beloved ones, you are in the greatest fight of Satan, and it will be very hard for you. Have I not, your Heavenly Father, repeatedly foretold that you will be protected, but that you will only be protected or receive full protection when you walk My steps in their entirety.

I wish the last of you, total devotion in the highest potency. I ask this of many, but many will not grant me this. Among them there is also A. I wish again and again the total devotion. Your life is not important, but you can forfeit your eternal life unless you do My will in its entirety, you, My beloved ones, who have experienced My truths and My messages for years. I have enlightened you in detail and prepared you in slow steady steps.

Many have already fallen off and are not following this stony path. They will choose another way, but that is not in My full protection. I have to prepare you so intensively, in such a great consequence, because otherwise you, my children, would not take it seriously. You would see it too superficially. You are superficial people who see only what they are experiencing at this very moment. But I see everything in the foresight. My children, you are My beloved and chosen ones.

Yes, on My chief shepherds the great event will come if they do not want to turn back and still reject My messages and My truths which I give them. I myself, the Heavenly Father, open all messages to them. They know that these messages contain the truth, but they reject them because they reject me, the highest God, the Father in the Trinity. They reject my dearest Jesus in the Trinity.

The Tabernacle is empty, My children. The evil rages in these modernistic churches just as in economics and occupation and in the youth completely particularly, because the youth lives itself out and knows no direction, because it is not cleared up by its parents. In her parents there is no faith, no truth and no depth. They do not live the faith. Everything is superficial for them: I don't have to do it, I can do it. No, my children, whoever now does not obey this, he will have to endure the great event, completely.

Also for you the preparation time will become more and more difficult. Many complaints will come over you and you will lose your strength. Yes, some are beginning to doubt. But in the doubts I am not. Resist these doubts at the beginning.

Yes, My beloved ones, I have told you everything, everything, because I love you. I want to save all of them, but how many priests and chief shepherds are now standing at the abyss and they are not turning back. Your atonement, your sacrificial life is necessary for these priests and shepherds, so that some more may find repentance. Many will not make it. This is the greatest sadness of your Heavenly Father.

How hard My Heavenly Mother, the Mother and Queen of the whole world, the Mother of priests, takes it. How much your heart suffers and your hearts will also suffer, because you are children of Mary. You too will not be spared from suffering. You are members of the body of Christ. do you believe that this suffering of My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church passes you by where the evil one has come, where the evil one is raging in My Temples, in My priests?

How hard is it for your Heavenly Father to keep asking and to increase the longings for My priests? Yes, also My chief shepherds are priests and bear even more responsibility. And in this responsibility they are judged according to their measure of what they have done and omitted, not what the others have done, not what they could have done, but what they have been responsible for, all alone. No one will be with them and support them. They stand before the judgment seat, and there judgment will take place, for there is eternal judgment.

My children, you are destined for bliss, for the eternal glories that you will one day see. Do not be afraid, not even of your severe suffering. I must allow many things as expiation, so that many, or some, will still be led to repentance and will be ready for repentance. They do not recognize their responsibility. They do not recognize the will of the Heavenly Father. They do not recognize the seriousness of My Holy Catholic Church. They live in Protestantism. Nothing is Catholic in these churches anymore, nothing, I said. Everything fell off.

I wish of all, yes, of all those who still enter these churches: stay away from these churches where Satan is raging, where your dearest Savior is no longer in the tabernacles, where you can no longer worship Him and where there is nothing left, where My Holy Sacrificial Feast is no longer celebrated, no, only the meal fellowship. Everyone is in this play and thinks that this is the right way. How I would love to enlighten everyone. My messages are spread all over the world through the internet, through fax, through cell phones, through the telephone.

Why do you not believe, My beloved creatures? Once I have created you all with a soul that comes from me. I breathed this soul into you and you were once children of God, all of you. But you have lost eternal life. The whole sky is full of sorrow. Full of tears of blood is My dearest Mother. I cannot stop her from crying. No, she weeps her tears for this church. How bitter is this suffering for her and how does she attract you, my beloved children. Your dearest mother also wants to be comforted by you. You shall take upon yourselves all that I make known to you. I do not want to punish in any way and not impose on you what you cannot bear. I will ease this suffering for you when you then come to me in the suffering. Do you not believe, there you will receive comfort, also from my mother? Do you think you are going this way alone? You go it with Me the mountain to Golgotha. He will be heavy and stony, but never shall you leave me, me, the highest God, the ruler of the whole universe, the savior of the whole world.

I love you and want to lead you all into eternal bliss. Your hearts must burn with love, yes, burn. You shall kindle the flames of love. Pray quite often the love flame rosary, which should be there to save the world. My mother is lifting him up right now.

And now I want to bless you in the Divine and threefold Strength, in My inexpressible and boundless Love, with your caring Mother, with the Holy Archangel Michael, with all the angels, saints and namesakes - call them too - with the beloved Padre Pio, Saint Joseph, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, for love lasts eternally!

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.