Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feast of the birth of the Lord.

Jesus Christ speaks through His child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. The whole room is bathed in gold. You cannot describe the light, because it is supernatural. There are little diamonds in the light and the Child Jesus and the altar of Mary is very brightly lit.

Today Jesus Christ speaks: I, Jesus Christ, am speaking in this moment in the little Jesus through my willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She lies in my truth and is completely mine. My beloved ones, My messengers, My chosen ones, today, on this great feast, I come to you as a little Jesuit - Jesus Christ in a poor stable as a Jesuit, because I want to be born anew in your hearts in this small group of six. These are My chosen ones whom I have called and called. Please be aware of this great responsibility.

I had called many others to join you, but you stand for many and also for them. Especially you, My Mary of Gestratz, I have called here. You were pushed out of your parents' house. Yes, My world mission was not fulfilled there. If mammon is compared to me, and mammon is preferred to me, then I must go. And thus I was pushed out of this house chapel, which I had prepared to the utmost, which was to fulfill this mission. I had to be taken out of the tabernacle by My priestly son whom I had commissioned to do so.

I myself had gone in there and there everything was to be fulfilled, especially on this most holy Christmas. This feast I had chosen, especially today, to fulfill this mission to the world. Heaven is sad, but also grateful for your love, which you bring to me.

You, My Mary, had to be taken out. And I beg you, do not think back. It is a great mission, which you are taking over here on behalf of the World Mission. Can you understand this? You will never be able to understand it. So great is My love for you. I have chosen and chosen you. You said "yes" and you were the only one who fulfilled my will. You were tested hard, because you could not explain the need to destroy this greenhouse. It was My wish. But you could not fathom my will, but you followed my will. That is why I gave you so abundantly yesterday on Christmas Night, not only with earthly gifts, but especially I, Jesus Christ, was born anew in your heart as a little Jesus. That is why you were given this little Jesus as a gift. It was My gift.

You are all My called, and through you I will continue to make known My will since you have transferred your whole will to Me. Continue to pray this covenant of faithfulness in a covenant of two, three and six. You are to be strengthened through this covenant, which you sacrifice to me in loyalty, this sacrifice, which you bring to me and the further sacrifices, which I have to demand of you to fulfill this world mission. Do not desire, because it is all my desire and will.

What you do not understand, give to Me. Put it in the manger and look at this little Jesus that I am. I accept all your wishes, because I am also God, God-Man, very small, in humility, in the highest devotion to My Father, to the Heavenly Father, born of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Received Mother, whom I am giving you also now for this Christmas with My Holy Joseph, My nourishing Father. They are also your parents, your heavenly parents. They nourish your soul and they will eventually take you to the Heavenly Father. There your bliss will be. There you will be safe in the will and desire and plan of the Heavenly Father. Never will you learn to understand this great mystery. My mother will be allowed to continue to teach you because she has the full knowledge of the Divine Plan, not you. You remain the small tools and my small flock, which will always strengthen again in the will of the heavenly Father.

I, Jesus Christ, want to dwell in your hearts again and again. Let it become bright and light, light for others, so that you may radiate this divinity through your hearts and so that others may become aware, because a great part of humanity will fall away, continue to fall away from faith. They will prefer mammon as they have preferred it in law. You can choose, My children, between Me and mammon. There is only one. If you put the financial in the last place, you can put Me in the first place. Only then are you in the full truth. I, Jesus Christ, regulate everything else. In your hearts you are guided, directed, guided in the will of the Heavenly Plan with your Heavenly Mother who takes care of you in your hearts.

How happy you can be! What great luck you have received today! The angels sang and I, in the Child Jesus, rose from the manger. I was floating because I wanted to prove to you that I am God and man: God-man. Even as a little baby Jesus I was God. Therefore you may worship Me at My manger and tell Me all your wishes. I will bring them to the Father through My Mother. She stands beside me and has received this commission from me. My mother, who gave birth to Me and conceived Me through the Holy Spirit, said yes. And you, my children, my messengers and chosen ones, say yes again and again. In the Christmas season: "Yes, dear child Jesus, what you ask, want and desire, I do completely. Surrender yourself with your will and your mind, with your whole being, with your personality and with your weaknesses.

I accept you as you are and you will be born new, completely new. The New Church will arise in you, which you can never fathom. It is My plan, My new plan. I said: My new plan. I wanted to have fulfilled this plan before in Gestratz. Now this has failed due to mammon.

Remain faithful to Me, because it was I who in total devotion, in this community, led you to the lawyer to make this will of the community. With this you have declared that all your financial matters are My business. It is not yours, it is mine. I will organize it and I will manage it for you. You are the little tools that have given up mammon and have chosen Me for it. I want to thank you for this choice, which you have generously made for me. All have been gifts to Me. You have not said what I lose, but what I get. This greatest gift can never be taken from you. I am it myself. I have given myself to you completely. And I also wish that you give yourselves to this little Jesus in this poor manger.

Here, in this place, holiness is pure. I have chosen this room. From eternity I have wanted exactly this room, this house chapel. Everything is in the holiness, in the beauty. Never will a chapel be able to be like this one, because it was conceived according to my wish and my choice and my plan. Give thanks and rejoice and remain in Love, in Divine Love, and become more and more one with the will of the Father. Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.